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March 2012 Newsletter, Vol. 4, No. 2

Tip: The Importance of Baselining for Setting Up Your Device

Often we receive inquiries about our recommendations for the appropriate temperature thresholds to set. However, at Temperature@lert we know that every room or refrigerator has its own microclimate (even sensors inches apart can read different values). Although similar applications might share the same temperature threshold range, every location is unique.. So how does one figure out the correct range?

Essentially in order to determine the right thresholds for your environment, you need to acquire adequate baseline knowledge. This process is called "baselining", which involves monitoring the room or refrigerator first to establish a history of normal conditions.

To begin, set up your Temperature@lert device to start recording temperatures. Next, determine the amount of time needed for temperature collection. Depending on your application, this could vary significantly. For instance, server rooms, refrigerators and freezers change temperature very quickly. Running the baseline for a few hours is usually sufficient. Whereas items with large thermal mass, such as a house, change temperature much more slowly and base lining may require 12-24 hours. By adjusting the time of the base lining activity your device can pick up any deviations from the norm caused by compressors, sunlight, air conditioners and other environmental factors. After reviewing this data set, you'll see the natural highs and lows of the environment. Using this data, you can then setup appropriate thresholds to more accurately reflect real world conditions and reducing false alarms

By following this method, you will achieve the proper range for your Temperature@lert devices. If you have any questions please email us at, we're always here to help!

President & CEO, Harry Schechter, Speaks at GLOBALCON Conference & Expo

Harry Schechter will be speaking on "Fault Tolerant Environmental Monitoring Systems Employing WiFi and Cellular Technology in Combination with Cloud Based Logging and Alert Services" at the 2012 GLOBALCON Conference & Expo. This conference is designed for those involved in the energy field in regards to new technology and strategies.

Please refer to the program guide for more information on the sessions given:

GLOBALCON will be held on March 7-8, 2012 in Atlantic City, NJ at the Atlantic City Convention Center. Complimentary tickets are available here:

Hope you can make it to see Harry speak on the importance of monitoring your environment!  

Introducing Our New Series of Industrial Smart Sensors

We recently announced the official launch of our new series of industrial smart sensors. The series begins with our smart sensor for Irrometer Corporation's soil moisture probe.   

Soil moisture monitoring is especially significant in the world of agriculture. Over-watering is excessive and not only causes water-waste but increases fuel consumption and creation of potentially harmful runoff. Using our smart sensor allows one to monitor soil moisture in order to determine when and how often to irrigate crops. Therefore saving millions of gallons of water without sacrificing crop yield.  

Temperature@lert smart sensors contain a sensor identification tag which describes the type of sensor and what type of units the sensor outputs. These tags allow any of our devices to instantly know what sensors are connected and automatically reconfigure the cloud-based logging and alerting system to display the new sensor properly. Connect any sensor to any port, any time.

The synergism of Temperature@lert's devices and the intelligence capabilities of our smart sensors allows for a simple plug-and-play interface. All without any setup or configuration. "Our smart sensor technology was huge success with our IT, Bio Pharma and Commercial Refrigeration customers last year. With the addition of this new ruggedized line, we're excited to take this technology to the next level by offering industrial quality plug and play sensors for use in harsh environments." said Harry Schechter, CEO and President of Temperature@lert.   

To learn more about Temperature@lert’s Series of Industrial Smart Sensors and all Temperature@lert products, visit their website at

USB Version 4.0.8 Released

That's right, we've released USB Version 4.0.8! Here are the changes that we have added to this version:

•    Text output & event logging option added
•    PowerShell scripting has been added

Steps for upgrading from 4.0.x to 4.0.8:

 (1) Uninstall the current software and delete the program files\temperature@lert folder.
 (2) Download and install Temperature@lert USB 4.0.8
 (3) Start Software and click "rescan" on the settings tab.
 (4) Click save and apply. After about 10 seconds, you'll the temperature reading appear.

If you’re updating from before 4.0, please follow this directions on our website:

Please let us know if you have any issues or problems via We're here to help!

Social Media March Promotion

After hearing back from everyone in February, we've decided to be more social with you! Don't worry your Starbucks giftcards are coming this month.

So we invite you to Fan Us on Facebook and/or Follow Us on Twitter. Every new follower and fan will be entered into a drawing for a $100 gift card to Amazon courtesy of the Temperature@lert team. If you comment or tweet at us, it will enter you twice into our drawing. TwitPics and Facebook pictures of you using our device will give you 5 entries.

We’ll be announcing a winner in the beginning of April so you have all month long to enter. Look forward to getting more social with you!