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November 2011 Newsletter, Vol. 3, No. 8

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Tip: How to extend the length of your temperature sensor cable


Introducing Our Greener USB


Temperature@lert Products: Made in the USA


What New Features Should We Add to Your Product?


Tip: How to extend the length of your temperature probe


While we do offer our sensors with custom length cables, some of our customers prefer the do-it-yourself approach. Splicing and resoldering your cables will void your sensors warranty, so here's another way to extend the cable length of your sensor. Our sensors use a standard RJ12 connector, so you can plug it into one end of an RJ12 coupler and attach a phone cord with an RJ12 connector into the other side and connect it straight to your WiFi or Cellular Edition. That's it!  Note that phone cords come in many different lengths. We recommend you keep the total length to less than 100-feet, but some customers have used cables up to 200-feet in length. It all depends on the quality of the cable and connections.


Don't forget, if you have any suggestions or need any help with your Temperature@lert device, send an email to


Introducing Our Greener USB Edition


If you have been on our website lately, you'll see our USB has gotten smaller. Temperature@lert's team of engineers and designers put their heads together and repackaged our flagship USB temperature monitoring and alerting device. The new design has the same robust electronics and temperature sensor, but uses fewer materials in the enclosure and shipping package. This means less total material is used - we've reduced the product's carbon footprint without sacrificing the value, ease of use, quality and reliability of the industry leading USB environmental monitoring appliance. Read the full press release here.


Temperature@lert Products: Made in the USA


We are happy to announce that all of our products now proudly carry the Made in the USA label. Check out the article describing the reasoning and benefits of making this change on the Boston Business Journal's website or read the full press release here.

What Features Should We Add to Your Product?


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