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July 2011 Newsletter, Vol. 3, No. 5

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Tip: Tip: Missed Report Alerts


Introducing the Cellular Edition 400: 4 ports for the price of 2


Why Do Cellular Edition Customers Pay A Monthly fee?


New Android App for Sensor Cloud Users

Tip: Missed Report Alerts

One of the advantages of our Cellular Edition is that it can notify you when power is lost and its internal backup-battery is low. But did you know that you can also be notified if your device loses cellular reception?

The website used to configure Cellular Edition or Sensor Cloud includes a feature named Missed Report Alerts. If your device fails to transmit temperature information to Sensor Cloud servers for 4 or more consecutive reporting intervals, Sensor Cloud can notify you via email, SMS and phone call that your device has stopped reporting in.

Once you logged onto Sensor Cloud, here’s how you set up a missed report alert:

1) In your Device List, click on “Device Alerts”.
2) Click “+Add New Alert”
3) You should now see a page that says “Alert for: Device”.  Target should be set to Device
4) Set the alert name and frequency to your desired values.
5) Condition should be set to missed report, more than 4 monitoring intervals (4 monitoring intervals is the minimum. If you’d like to wait longer than 4 intervals, you can do that.)
6) Click “+Add Action” to select what type(s) of alert(s) you wish to receive: email, phone or sms.
7) Click “Save” to save your alert.


The new Cellular Edition 400: Four ports the price of Two


We've released the latest version of our Cellular Edition: the TM-CELL400. It's the same price as our old model (TM-CELL300), but now has updated hardware and double the number of sensor ports.

Designed with four smart sense and control ports and more on-board flash memory, our latest Cellular Edition wireless environmental monitor provides the ability to monitor temperature and other parameters in critical places and in locations without a telephone line or internet connection, such as IT server rooms, bio/pharma vaccine storage and commercial refrigeration. Utilizing cloud-based sensor technology, the Cellular Edition represents an effective, fault-tolerant temperature monitoring and reporting system that broadcasts directly over national cellular networks to help organizations minimize temperature-related asset losses and adhere to regulatory data logging compliance. As an additional benefit, the device notifies users of a power loss or failure to report yet still has the ability to work for up to four weeks on its backup batteries. In the event of an actual temperature-related incident, users can customize who is notified, when and how they are contacted (e.g. text, phone call or email).

Read the full press release here>>

Why is there a monthly fee for Cellular users?


Sometimes customers ask us why we charge a monthly fee for the Cellular Edition. The short answer is that the fee covers the cellular carrier data charges, use of our cloud servers to store your data, and the cost of sending out SMS and telephone call alerts to multiple recipients. The longer answer is that the fee keeps you safe even if your infrastructure goes down. Since the device runs on the cellular phone networks, your monitoring will continue even if your telephone or internet connection is interrupted because the device transmits and stores data on our secure cloud servers rather than on a local computer at your location. Even if power goes out, the device can still transmit data to our servers and alert you if there a temperature or power emergency. And since your data's stored on a cloud server, you don't have to worry about your past readings data being lost. The biggest benefit to this system is of course you don't need to purchase your own servers an pay to have them maintained. We do it for you, giving you the best ROI bang for your buck.

With Cellular Edition, you can pay for service only when you need it. Our service is month to month without any contracts or long term commitments. If you only use your Cellular Edition 4 months out of the year, you shouldn't have to pay for continuous coverage for a year (or more) when you only need it for a few months.

With Cellular Edition, you never have to worry about your monitoring going offline, and you only have to pay for service when you want it.

New Android App for Sensor Cloud Users


Customers have asked for it, and we've delivered. Version 1.0 of our Android App is now available. It currently displays readings from all devices in your Sensor Cloud account. Please take it for a test drive and let us know what you'd like to see in future versions.  To check out our Android App, click here.