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February 2010 Newsletter, Vol. 2, No. 3


It has been exciting these past few months here at Temperature@lert, and we wanted to share our updates with you! The upcoming version of our Temperaturel@lert software will be 100% Gmail compatible using SSL and TLS over SMTP!

In addition, Temperature@lert is inches away from completing USB integration into their web-based application environment, Dashboard. Once this is complete, you will be able to check the status of all your devices in one central location. If you would like to see some screen shots of our upcoming software release, click here.

We also have various updates regarding our WiFi product and our Cellular product. We have just released version 2 of our Cellular Device! The most important feature this new device brings is lockable sensor jacks! You no longer have to worry about the sensors falling out. This new device supports two sensors, one of which is temperature and the other is for new sensors currently in development (very hush hush). We have also implemented advanced alerting features that allow Plus level plans and higher to set multiple temperature thresholds and email/call/text multiple addresses and phone numbers.

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Thank you for choosing Temperature@lert!

Harry Schechter, CEO and Founder