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  • ALERT: Temperature@lert Outbound SMTP Users

    Do you currently use Temperature@lert's SMTP server settings to send out your device's statuses and alerts? Well it's time to switch to Gmail!

    Although we have previously offered our SMTP settings, this service is no longer being continued due to reaching automated sending limits by our server. We are now requesting that everyone who does use our SMTP settings switch to Gmail. Here are the Gmail settings if you do not have a Gmail SMTP settings readily available with your latest software/firmware:

    If you have any questions regarding the switch-over or need assistance in switching over, please email us at support@temperaturealert.com, we're always here to help!

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  • Friday the 13th Promotion = 13% Off Your New Sensor

    Did you know that an estimated 17 to 21 million people in the United States have a fear of Friday the 13th? Well have no fear, luckily Temperature@lert was here to save you this past Friday the 13th. Having started on April 13, 2012, Temperature@lert will continue to offer 13% off any new sensor purchase (temperature, temperature/humidity, or flood sensor) through the month of April. There's one more week left

    Just enter in promo code:  FRI41312 after you place your sensor of choice into your basket.

    *Limit One Discount Per User

    Feel free to contact us for more information info@temperaturealert.com regarding this April Promotion.


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  • Harry Schechter, CEO of Temperature@lert, on Speaking to MIT's iTeams

    On Wednesday, April 4th 2012 CEO, Harry Schechter spoke to MIT's iTeams about the story of how Temperature@lert came to be. The students were excited to hear about the 
    possibilities of entrepreneurship and innovation without VC funding.

    Humorous and inspirational, this was Harry's second time speaking to MIT's iTeams. Not only is Harry the CEO of Temperature@lert, he will now be a regular guest lecturer for them. Congratulations Harry on the terrific lecture!

    But of course, Temperature@lert had to capture Harry's moment in the spotlight... So enjoy some of the photos from his lecture:

    Harry posing for a quick second with the original USB Edition packaging

    Uh oh! Temperature@lert's First Order... Now what?

    Sometimes Temperature@lert can be seen as two companies: Product & Service

    MIT student checking out the WIFI220

    MIT student checking out the original WIFI20 Device's innards 

    Harry passing around the WIFI220 Edition

    Showing off the innards of the original WIFI20 Device

    Harry's showing off some credibility!

    Press Releases are awesome!

    Harry proudly pointing to some of the notable achievements by Temperature@lert

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  • USB Version 4.0.8 Released

    That's right, we've released USB Version 4.0.8! Here are the changes that we have added to this version:

    •    Text output & event logging option added
    •    PowerShell scripting has been added

    Steps for upgrading from 4.0.x to 4.0.8:

     (1) Uninstall the current software and delete the program files\temperature@lert folder.
     (2) Download and install Temperature@lert USB 4.0.8
     (3) Start Software and click "rescan" on the settings tab.
     (4) Click save and apply. After about 10 seconds, you'll the temperature reading appear.

    If you’re updating from before 4.0, please follow this directions on our website:

    Please let us know if you have any issues or problems via support@temperaturealert.com. We're here to help!

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  • Last Chance to Tell Us Your Temperature@lert Wants & Needs

    Missed our February Newsletter? Well don't miss your chance to give us your opinions and thoughts...

    Innovation is our passion and we want to know what you truly want and need from our products and services. We understand that you have a busy schedule, but we need your input. If you take our quick five-question one-minute survey, we will reward you with a Starbucks gift card*. Not only will you get to share your opinions but you can get some delicious coffee as well.

    Let Us Know Your Thoughts: February 2012 Newsletter Survey

    *Offer Valid for the First 100 Successful Survey Completions

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  • Have You Downloaded Our New USB Version 4.0.7 BETA Update?

    We strive for innovation everyday at Temperature@lert so we have a new update for our USB edition.  As always, we try our best to address your needs and wants with each update. This update addresses: 

    • 2 Bug Fixes for SNMP Installation and E-mails w/ the Wrong Time Stamp 

    • Ability to run a PowerShell Script that ultimately allows you to write your own script. For instance, if it reaches your temperature threshold then the script could shut down multiple computers in order to prevent temperature related damage.  

    To install this update: Download USB 4.0.7. BETA Edition

    Please note we do our best to test BETA software before release, but there may be unforeseen issues. We would appreciate your feedback at se-mail support@temperaturealert.com.

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  • Sensor Cloud is now available for USB and WiFi Edition

    There has been a lot of hype over Sensor Cloud and it is now available for for USB and WiFi Edition products! There are low-cost subscription plan offers for both USB and WiFi Edition users. Functionality and security are not generally available for these types of products; however, Temperature@lert's launch of Sensor Cloud for USB and WiFi Editions now give its users an opportunity to have an improved system of defense against risks.

    Sensor Cloud allows customers to monitor their temperature readings and edit alarm settings via any web browser or smartphone. Through the Temperature@lert Sensor Cloud interface, customers can immediately see the current environmental conditions of all Temperature@lert devices on a customer’s network. Users log in to Temperature@lert's secure servers to set phone, text message and email notifications when one or more temperature thresholds are exceeded. Whether devices are deployed in the next room protecting valuable vaccines or across the country in a remote ski lodge, the Sensor Cloud homepage displays the status of the monitored environment, allowing Temperature@lert’s clients know everything is running smoothly or which specific device is sending an emergency alert message.

    “Our large installed base of USB and WiFi customers have been asking for an online browser interface,” noted Harry Schechter, President and CEO of Temperature@lert. “Our Cellular Edition Sensor Cloud has been running reliably for the past four years, and customers currently using the Cellular Edition have remarked on the simplicity of the system. This release brings online access to USB and WiFi Edition users and allows additional functionality previously only available in the Cellular Edition.”

    Some of the advanced features and benefits of Sensor Cloud are: 

    • Set multiple temperature alert thresholds for a single device – provides escalation plan functionality. 

    • Send SMS text messages in addition to the standard email alert messages.

    • Send multiple email and SMS text messages to multiple users for each alert level. 

    • Send email and alert messages to different users for each temperature alert level setting. 

    • Enable HealthCheck, which will send an alert message when the device has not reported in for a user set number of reporting intervals – lets you know when your network or PC to which the device is connected is not working properly. 

    • Subscribe to automatically generated PDF reports. 

    • For a slightly higher subscription fee, send telephone voice messages for temperature alerts. 

    Temperature@lert saw the success of Sensor Cloud for its Cellular edition clients and decided it was time for both USB and WiFi editions to experience this innovative system of protection. Please contact Temperature@lert for more information! 



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  • Common Question of the Week #2 - Does USB Temperature@lert Edition run on Vista? Server 2008? Windows 7?

    Does Temperature@lert USB Edition Run on Vista? Server 2008? Windows 7?

    Yes, yes, and yes! Temperature@lert runs on all current flavors of Windows from XP onward.

    The best way to install Temperature@lert is to grab the latest drivers and software from the downloads section of our support site.

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  • Customer Interview #2: Eye Mall Media

    Eye Mall Media in Austin, TX specializes in Advertising displays in Shopping Malls.  They have backlit poster and LCD displays in over 250 malls. 

    Eye Mall Media is using our USB Device to track and measure the temperature of their server system.  They had some problems with efficiency and system shut down prior to monitoring the temperature of their infrastructure.

    We had the distinct pleasure of talking with Scott Hoopman, Business Systems Analyst for Eye Mall Media.  He was extremely helpful and understanding about our questions.  Our focus for this interview was mainly about Eye Mall Media, what they do, and how our device has helped them achieve their goals.  Below is the video:

    I will post the discussion transcript in the comments section later today.


    T@: What is your name, and company you work for?

    Scott: My name is Scott Hoopman.  I am the business system analyst for Eye Mall Media.

    T@: What does Eye Mall Media Specialize in?

    Scott: We specialize in advertising for malls. We erect the actual advertising structures, maintain them, and sell the advertising space.  We have thousands of panels in over 250 malls over the country.  That involves backlit posters and LCD displays.

    T@: What prompted you to purchase our device and which device did you purchase?

    Scott: The prompt was that we have a server room in Austin, which is our center for operations. We have offices in New York, LA, and other regional offices. Our server room had problems with our AC unit. We had a new system that worked well most of the time but some times the device would not operate.  A few times the unit shut down and we had no idea until the system shut down and email went down or an application was not available.  Often we would check out the server room in this scenario and hot air would come out of the server room.  We were looking for a way to be proactive and get on the front end before our servers shutdown.

    T@: Has our device given you an alert and what was your response?

    Scott: Your device has definitely helped us. We have had situations were we have had alerts and discovered that our AC is not operating efficiently.  I made a phone call before it got critical and the AC maintenance people came prior to an impending issue.

    T@: What was your worry level pre and post purchase of our device?

    Scott: In the beginning, our worry was around 7 or 8. We saw it as a variable we could not control.  We did not have the knowledge of watching the AC day in and day out.  With your device, we feel pretty comfortable and pretty confidant.  We now receive alerts on Saturdays sometimes and can fix the problem with a quick phone call.  Now that we have your device, our worry has dropped to around a 2 or 3.

    T@: How did you hear about T@ and why did you purchase from us?

    Scott: We found you via Google.  We were looking for a device that would have alerting capability.  Having email alerts sent out to multiple email addresses plus the price point really got us. Your customer support was immediate and helped me resolve my issues.  I am pleased with the device and would recommend the device to any company that has similar concerns with server room temperature problems.

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