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  • Temperature@lert Surpasses Over $1 Billion in Assets Protected

    Temperature@lert, a leading provider of low-cost, high-performance temperature monitoring products, is now protecting over $1 Billion of customer assets.  Temperature@lert's mission is to provide companies and individuals with remote monitoring and alerting of temperature and other environmental conditions to alleviate customer worries about system malfunctions or product damage due to changes in temperature or other environmental conditions. 

    Temperature@lert was founded and funded in 2005 by CEO Harry Schechter in Washington, D.C. with the USB Edition as their first temperature-monitoring device developed. Currently Temperature@lert’s central office is located in Boston, MA and their current product and service offerings include: USB Edition, WiFi Edition, Cellular Edition, Solar Cellular Edition, and Sensor Cloud. Several of their products and services have won awards ranging from the MITX Innovation Awards to the American Business Awards’ Gold Stevie.

    Temperature@lert’s award-winning devices have aided users in major industries spanning from Information Technology (IT) to Biopharmaceuticals and Medical to Commercial Refrigeration.  Clients include Abbott Laboratories, Microsoft, Apple, Heil Environmental, Merck Corporation, University of Connecticut, Vanderbilt University, and University of Pennsylvania to name a few.

    “By giving 110% personally and having established a talented team willing to do the same, Temperature@lert has successfully grown in both research & development and users over the past eight years,” says CEO & President, Harry Schechter. “We now protect over $1 Billion of customer assets with over 40,000 devices in 50 countries with the world’s easiest to use solution. Temperature@lert’s mission to monitor environmental conditions and prevent problems related to such conditions is truly being realized and fulfilled. We strive to keep innovating and alleviating environmental conditions related disasters globally.”

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  • Harry Schechter, CEO of Temperature@lert, on Presenting at GLOBALCON

    Last week, Harry Schechter spoke at GLOBALCON on March 7th, 2012 in Atlantic City on "Fault Tolerant Environmental Monitoring Systems Employing WiFi and Cellular Technology in Combination with Cloud Based Logging and Alert Services". This conference's focus was on those involved in the energy field in regards to new technology and strategies.

    From WiFi devices to Cellular devices, Harry explained how it was important to baseline your device for efficient monitoring. After all, one should understand the environment they're monitoring because each room has their own micro-climate. There's a typical behavior pattern that occurs within each of these micro-climates and by baselining one can determine the proper range for their monitoring purposes.

    By integrating your Temperature@lert device with Sensor Cloud, this opens up a door to even more possibilities with monitoring. Sensor Cloud allows the user to be able to monitor remotely. There is also a display map that shows current conditions for all your various devices in varied locations. This is especially useful for those who monitor all over the country. Not to mention the apps for Android and iPhone are available for free download and allows you to monitor from your smart phone.

    Temperature@lert provides cost effective, remote temperature sensing. This is all possible with digital sensors combined with WiFi and Cellular data communication. These systems are dependent on robust power and communication infrastructure. Cloud based data logging and alerting algorithms provide bring fault tolerant security to small and mid sized businesses and individual homeowners.

    Harry thoroughly enjoyed speaking at GLOBALCON and looks forward to spreading the message on the importance of environmental monitoring. If you would like to learn more about this subject, including case studies, please check out our e-book: http://www.temperaturealert.com/Remote-Temperature/Sensor-Cloud-e-Book.aspx

    For more information on the topics presented at the conference: http://www.globalconevent.com/program/2012globalconprogram.html

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  • Protecting properties from frozen water pipe damage with WiFi and cellular technology

    The sun is rising later, setting earlier, and soon the shortest day of the year will be here.  Happy winter season!

    Vacation home owners and property managers in both warmer and colder climates take heed of this time of the year as their buildings can be exposed to freezing temperatures and potential damage to water pipes.

    Temperature@lert's latest White Paper explores the cost of this problem and some possible solutions, from simple, time proven low-cost methods up to the latest wireless communication monitoring systems.  Exploring both WiFi and Cellular based temperature sensor technology, the paper outlines the operation of each, and describes how a browser interface cloud based system can add additional levels of fault tolerant behavior and peace of mind.

    Read this latest Temperature@lert White Paper addition at Link to White Paper

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  • Cellular Edition users can now order Water Leak sensor

    Our customers have asked, and we've listened.  IT customers, those managing server rooms and data centers use Temperature@lert's Cellular Edition as their fault-tolerant lifeline to let them know when things are getting warm. They've mentioned the need for a water leak sensor, and we've responded.

    Our latest smart, plug and play sensor is our Flood Sensor, a device that lets IT Professionals, Property Managers, Warehouse and Laboratory Facilities Personnel know when there's a water leak due to a leaky roof, pipe, chilled water unit, or sprinkler very quickly, allowing to take action before things get worse. 

    Following our legacy of products designed for real world applications, the Flood Sensor is engineered to prevent alerts due to naturally occurring condensation, helping prevent needless alarms. 

    The Flood Sensor can be added when ordering a new Cellular Edition unit or added to an existing device.  Just click on the Accessories Tab on our Cellular Edition product page to order.

    A full announcement of the Flood Sensor can be found in our Press Release section: Link to full Press Release

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  • New Greener USB Edition - Same Great, Easy to Use Value

    Looking for our USB Edition?  If so, you'll see our latest design featured on this website.  Temperature@lert's team of engineers and designers put their heads together and repackaged our flagship USB temperature monitoring and alerting device.  The new design has the same robust electronics and temperature sensor, but uses less materials in the enclosure and shipping package.  This means less material is used - we've reduced the product's carbon footprint without sacrificing the value, ease of use, quality and reliability of the industry leading USB environmental monitoring appliance.

    Check out our full announcement and our product page to see what our design wizards have done.  And as we've announced, this like all Temperature@lert products is Made in the USA.

    Link to Full Announcement on Temperature@lert Website

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  • New Temperature@lert Whitepaper: Considerations for Fault Tolerant Environmental Monitoring Strategies

    Ever wonder what happens if there's a problem with your network and your environmental monitoring system can't let you know there's a problem?  Although network reliability has improved significantly over time, problems do occur.  Power outages due to storms or unplanned breaker trips pop up from time to time.  And when they do, sensitive materials, equipment and products are at risk.  Our latest Whitepaper discusses using a Sensor Cloud strategy to provide security even when power and network outages occur.  Read the latest in the Resource section where this and other Whitepapers are found, or to get there more quickly, click on this link:  Link to Whitepaper Page

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  • 200 Resellers help Temperature@lert achieve market success

    We've grown a lot lately, particularly with the release of our latest generation WiFi and Cellular devices.  And both our loyal and satisfied customers and Reseller network know this.  And word is spreading.  We've recently signed up our 200th Reseller, and more applications are coming in every day.  To read the full story and a testimonial from one Reseller who loves the product so much they're a customer too, click on this link:  Link to full press release

    And thanks to all who's hard work made this happen, and in particular to our customers without whom we would not be here having so much fun!

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  • We're featured in this week's Processor Magazine front page article

    Cloud Computing and Virtualization are certainly hot topics these days.  Temperature@lert's Dave Ruede shares his views in the lead article in this week's Processor Magazine.  Read how virtualization and the cloud can impact your environmental monitoring decisions in the full article.  Link to Processor Magazine Article

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  • Temperature@lert Expands International Support for Cellular Edition

    Leading Temperature Monitoring Solution Now Offers Mobile Support in Europe, Australia and Canada

    BOSTON, Mass. – April 11, 2011 – Temperature@lert, a leading provider of real-time, cloud-based environmental monitoring solutions designed to enable businesses to mitigate temperature-related disasters, has expanded the reach of its Cellular Edition beyond the United States into Europe, Australia and Canada. Temperature@lert’s Cellular Edition, available in the U.S. since 2008, is a cost-effective, enterprise-grade product that provides alerts to multiple parties via e-mail, text message and phone calls. Connected to a mobile network, the cellular product stays online even during a power outage, making it ideal for businesses for which temperature monitoring is a critical function.

    Temperature change is a significant threat to companies around the world, especially in data centers, biotechnology/pharmaceutical/medical facilities and companies requiring cold storage. Temperature@lert’s temperature monitoring solutions provide both real-time and historic views of a location’s temperature through alerts and cloud-based temperature records at set intervals. This allows for speedy reaction to potentially disastrous temperature fluctuations, as well as historic temperature logs for regulatory and internal reporting purposes.

    The Cellular Edition contains Sensor Cloud technology, which stores a full report of monitored temperatures in the cloud for accurate record keeping and easy access. A plug-and-play solution, monitored data appears in the cloud once the device is connected to power—no phone line or Internet connection needed. The cloud system allows the user to view current temperatures and set email, text and/or telephone alerts for multiple threshold ranges. Additionally, users can merge alerts for power loss events.

    Temperature@lert’s international expansion means that companies with locations around the globe can have a complete view of their facilities on one Sensor Cloud screen, facilitating reporting and regulatory requirements and ensuring the integrity of on-site assets. These companies will be able to provide fault-tolerant monitoring of their critical environments via cellular networks at a lower price point, as well as accommodate more parameters than ever before.

    “There is global demand for cellular-based temperature monitoring, and this expansion takes the products proven in the U.S. to key international locations,” said Harry Schechter, founder and CEO of Temperature@lert. “The need to preserve a steady temperature in at-risk areas, coupled with the potential for disaster should electricity be unavailable, make the Cellular Edition a crucial tool for the data center, as well as biotech, pharma and medical companies and commercial refrigeration assets. This is only the beginning of global availability for this battle-tested product.”

    For more information about Temperature@lert, please visit www.temperaturealert.com.

    About Temperature@lert

    Temperature@lert’s temperature monitoring solutions provide both real-time and historic views of a location’s temperature through alerts and cloud-based records of temperatures at specific intervals. This information allows customers to immediately react to potentially disastrous temperature fluctuations, as well as provide temperature consistency for regulatory and internal process control requirements. Temperature@lert has more than 10,000 devices installed in over 40 countries around the globe. For more information, please visit www.temperaturealert.com.


    Media Contact:
    Megan Lane
    SHIFT Communications
    (617) 779-1854

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  • Cloud technology is the core of Temperature@lert's Cellular Business

    Temperature@lert's Cellular Edition combines wireless sensing and alerting technology with Cloud functionality through it's Advanced Alerting Dashboard.  The Cloud is not new here, we've been doing it for some time now protecting pets in RV's, biological materials and pharmaceuticals such as the H1N1 flu virus in refrigerators and freezers, and vacation homes where cold winter temperatures can freeze pipes and hot desert temperatures can threaten property and equipment.

    In today's press release ((link to full text)) the latest news about our Cloud technology and SaaS offerings are described.  And stay tuned for future announcements as our WiFi and USB Edition offerings enter the stratosphere.

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