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  • Temperature@lert Boston & Beyond

    If you haven't seen the video, click the link below to watch our CEO Harry Schechter at the Boston Business Journal award reception. Temperature@lert was awarded the 2013  "Best Green Practices" award for invention, specific to the Solar Cellular Edition. Harry's acceptance speech is included in the video.

    Also, check out this collage of one of our resellers. They displayed Temperature@lert products and services at "Pharmagora 2013" in Paris. Great to see our international resellers in action!

    On a more serious note, we'd like to personally express our concerns and condolences to the families affected by the Boston Marathon attacks. Though our own offices were far and away from the scene, we have a firm emotional attachment to both the city of Boston and the citizens. Many have expressed concern about Temperature@lert, specific to our proximity to downtown Boston, and we do appreciate the concerns. We've always sought growth and progression in our business, and for the foreeseable future, these concepts will be fundamental to the entire city of Boston, and all of those affected (both physically and mentally) by yesterday's events.

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  • Proper Food Storage

    About 3.5 weeks ago, Jeff Rossen from the TODAY Show reported: "Some trucks carry unsafe food, authorities say".  This rang into our heads like the piezo on our WIFI devices, we are highly concerned with the proper storage of food whether during storage or transportation.  Rossen reported, "A hidden health hazard in some of the food you buy: Authorities say the trucks delivering that food to stores may be putting your family at risk." We are also concerned at the fact that much of this food is being carried to your local grocery stores and restaurants. Only way to avoid getting sick from spoiled food is proper storage, meaning that temperature monitoring is essential to ensuring the safety of your food and you. 

    Currently, up to 33% of perishable items are lost during transportation, thanks to logistical flaws and errors.  Not to mention the percentage of loss due to improper storage at the retail level.  In the food distribution industry, there are about $35 billion in reported losses annually of perishable foods.  With the rise of organic foods and such, it has become even more crucial for proper storage.  This is where Temperature@lertt steps in and saves your food.

    Temperature@lert's CELL and WIFI devices can monitor your foods at different points of the cold chain. By using either CELL or WIFI device from processing to transportation to retail, the food can be ensured of proper storage.  On the growing level, agriculturalists can use our SOLAR CELL to monitor crop growth without wasting water.  Then by using our CELL during transportation, the cargo of perishable food would be monitored without wasting diesel fuel and be able to alert the driver if there maybe a potential disaster.  Once it reaches retail level, the restaurateur or grocery store owner, can use the CELL or WIFI to monitor the storage of food before it's either cooked or sold to the consumer. 

    Not only would all members of the cold chain be able to protect their foods from spoilage but their consumers can enjoy their food safely without the worry of food-borne illness. To learn more about the food industry and storage, please visit our commercial refrigeration page or request a solution from us. 

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  • Last Day to Vote for Temperature@lert for Stevie Awards for Favorite New Product!

    Temperature@lert’s Solar Cellular Edition was officially named a finalist in the People's Choice Stevie Awards for Favorite New Products in the “Other” category.  They were also named a finalist in the 2012 American Business Awards for Best New Industrial Product earlier this year. They are currently waiting to hear if they will take home the gold. In order for Temperature@lert to win this category, they must collect enough votes to move into first place. 

    As a finalist in this category, Temperature@lert is requesting the support of their “TempAlerters,” friends, families, and community. To help them, please visit http://www.stevieawards.com/FavoriteNewProducts.peopleschoice/default.cfm and type in the Short Code: S738R to vote for Temperature@lert.

    The Stevie Award is one of the most internationally desired business awards recognizing organizations and individuals for their entrepreneurial achievements. Temperature@lert President & CEO, Harry Schechter, is “ecstatic that we were a finalist in one category but finding out that we’re a finalist for the People’s Choice Award really shows the significance and power of community wanting Temperature@lert’s Solar Cellular edition to help save water. We hope to continue saving this precious resource with our solar powered cellular device”.

    Temperature@lert’s TM-CELL500 solar powered, cellular sensing and alerting system combines Temperature@lert’s latest generation cellular engine with a host of agricultural related sensors and control devices.  The heart of the system is the Cellular Sensor Cloud, a secure server based service employing a web interface where users can log on from any computer or smartphone to see the conditions of their crops. By using Temperature@lert’s industrial smart sensors, growers now have the ability to use technology to effectively cut water consumption by more than 50%, monitor for potential pest management issues such as fungus and guard against frost in order to maintain or improve crop yield and reduce waste. Customers can receive e-mail, SMS text message and phone calls letting them know what is going on. 

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  • Save Water with Us by Voting for Us to Win the Mission: Small Business Grant

    Currently, Temperature@lert has produced USB, WIFI, CELL, and SOLAR CELL devices. Through our innovation, we have recently been recognized as the 2012 winner of MITX (Massachusetts Innovation & Technology Exchange) Innovation Award for Best Bootstrapped Start-Up and our SOLAR CELL device has won an award for Best "Doing Good" Innovation and is currently an American Business Award Stevie Finalist for Best New Industrial Product in 2012. Our SOLAR CELL has flourished quite well in the agricultural industry yet there has been a large demand for a device as such but for smaller scaled farms and gardens.

    Drawing on our previous experience in software and hardware from our SOLAR CELL device, we have created a product project called "PHYL". PHYL will be a cost-effective, compact solar-powered cellular device created for said users. In order to have PHYL be more user-friendly and relatable, our prototype has a green-leaf mounting-frame surrounding a solar cellular edition that is 50% smaller than its industrial parent edition, SOLAR CELL. However, similar to our SOLAR CELL device, PHYL will be able to monitor soil moisture and temperature so that the user can conserve water and have the most optimal conditions for growth.

    Although we do have a prototype built, we still have some innovative ideas we'd like to add to our current model. Our plan with the funding would be mainly used to implement these ideas along with refining our prototype of PHYL. The features we would like to develop further are wireless versions of our plug-and-play smart sensors, new wireless smart sensor capabilities, and a separate Sensor Cloud platform aimed towards promoting crop/plant growth. We would also like to create an online community where users will be able to discuss growing tips and request new sensor features. We plan on this small device to pack a punch while remaining cost-effective, simple to set up and use.

    Help Temperature@lert and the world's water supply by voting for us to win a grant! Takes less than 30 seconds:

    1. Go to https://www.missionsmallbusiness.com/
    2. Login w/ Facebook
    3. Search for: Temperature@lert
    4. Vote
    5. Share this with your friends & let's all save water together :)



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  • Temperature@lert Selected as a 2012 MITX Innovation Awards Finalist

    Temperautre@lert's Solar Cellular Edition has been selected as a finalist in the Doing Good and Best Bootstrapped Start-Up categories for the MITX Innovation Awards. Held annually by the Massachusetts Innovation & Technology Exchange, the MITX Innovation Awards celebrate the innovations powering the future of marketing and revolutionizing the way we work and play.

    "The 2012 finalists represent some of the best innovators in the region, these forward-thinking companies are developing unique, new solutions to problems that are game changing," said MITX President Debi Kleiman. "We were so impressed  by this group during a very competitive year, it was amazing to see the range and depth of new things being created here, and we're very proud to honor their great achievements."

    Temperature@lert’s TM-CELL500 solar powered, cellular sensing and alerting system combines Temperature@lert’s latest generation cellular engine with a host of agricultural related sensors and control devices. The heart of the system is the Cellular Sensor Cloud, a secure server based service employing a web interface where users can log on from any computer to see the conditions of their crops. By using Temperature@lert’s industrial smart sensors, agriculturalists  now have the ability to use technology to effectively monitor and ensure proper crop growth. If an action is taken, such as turning on sprinklers to prevent frost from damaging crops for example, customers will receive email, SMS text message and phone calls letting them know what is going on.

    Harry Schechter, President and CEO of Temperature@lert.  “Historically, our Cellular Edition has found its way into the agricultural markets through our traditional channels.  We have expand deeper and faster as a bootstrapped startup with the aid of vendors in this historically underserved market.  And we’re very excited about the opportunity to help save our country’s valuable fresh water resources.”

    Temperature@lert will be recognized with the other finalists in the categories of Doing Good and Best Bootstrapped Startup at the ceremony traditionally attended by over 350 of the region’s top interactive marketing and technology professionals. Winners will be announced at the ceremony in the Westin Copley Place on Tuesday, June 12th at 6pm. Tickets can be purchased at www.mitxawards.org/innovation.

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