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WIFI Edition is a high-performance device

GET A QUOTETemperature@lert WiFi Edition 330, a Linux-based device, monitors the ambient temperature in your server room, office, lab, food service refrigeration, commercial building, HVAC/R system or other points of interest and alerts you via email when the temperature rises or falls outside your acceptable range. Temperature@lert’s WiFi 330 connects to your network via 802.11b/g wireless (or wired ethernet) and is powered by an included AC wall adapter - no computer is required during operation!

Easy Install:
The WIFI device is easy to install and only requires AC power and a connection to your internet network (WiFi or Wired Ethernet).

Actionable Alerts:
Receive email or text messages via SMS gateway if sensor readings are out of range and when the alert is cleared.

Seamless Integration:
This Linux-based device includes source code under a derivative works license. Easily integrate sensor readings into your custom applications via text and XML.

Multiple Sensor Types:
Variety of environmental sensors available such as Temperature, Flood, and Humidity. Custom sensors available upon request.

Web-based Reporting Dashboard (optional):
Sensor Cloud Dashboard adds additional alerts (phone calls, texts, emails), iPhone & Android apps, reports & compliance features.

Compliance Log:
Store, access, and download readings locally for up to 7 days. Expandable to 1 year with Sensor Cloud.

How it works

    • WIFI monitoring unit
    • 6’ wired temperature sensor
    • Power adapter
  • Guarantee & Support

    Every product comes with enterprise-level tech support and a money-back guarantee.


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Protected by U.S. Patent Nos. 7,952,485; 8,547,226; 8,248,252; 8,599,012; and 8,779,926. Additional patents pending.



Temperature@lert WiFi Edition displays the current conditions and a graph of the day's temperature readings. One temperature sensor is included and an optional combination temperature/humidity sensor (sold separately) is shown in this image. Clicking and dragging on the graph zooms in on just the data you want to see. The daily log files are accessible from the drop down menu at the top right.

 Temperature@lert WiFi Status Page Screenshot


Clicking on any of the other tabs requires the user to log in before any settings can be adjusted:

Temperature@lert WiFi SMTP Settings Page Screenshot - WiFi Temperature Monitoring Systems

For each sensor connected to the unit, you can specify a friendly name, one or more email addresses to send alerts to, and the high and low alarm thresholds:

Temperature@lert WiFi SMTP Settings Page Screenshot

Configuring Temperature@lert WiFi Edition is easy. Just enter your SMTP server and specify your network settings.Temperature@lert WiFi Edition automatically connects to any open 802.11b/g wireless network in range when the SSID is set to "any":

Temperature@lert WiFi SMTP Settings Page Screenshot

You can set Temperature@lert WiFi Edition to your individual preferences. The daily status email automatically includes the previous day's text log file as an attachment:


Temperature@lert WiFi Preferences Page Screenshot


Obtaining help with Temperature@lert WiFi Edition is one click away.  New software updates are automatically displayed as they become available to install. You also have access to the online help and support system where you can request new features and get answers to all of your questions:


Temperature@lert Wifi Help Page Screenshot

Temperature@lert WiFi Edition creates an XML file every time a sensor reading is taken. This XML file is available via a web address and can easily be integrated into other applications:

Temperature@lert Wifi XML Page Screenshot 

Temperature@lert WiFi Edition also maintains a text log in memory of the last 7 days of sensor readings:

Temperature@lert WiFi Logfile Page Screenshot

Since Temperature@lert WiFi Edition runs Linux, you can easily customize the product through an SSH connection to meet your exact needs. For instance, do you program with PERL? No problem - simply install the PERL package and start coding. Please contact support for more details.

Temperature@lert Wifi Help Page Screenshot


Product Code:
English Dimensions:
H: 1.21", W: 3.87", L: 7.24"
Metric Dimensions:
H: 30.74 mm, W: 98.30 mm, L: 183.90 mm
7.7 ounces
Software Requirements:
Any Current Web Browser for setup
Hardware Requirements:
No PC Required (after setup)
Network Requirements:
WiFi Network (802.11 b/g) or Wired Ethernet
Battery-backup Option:
Device Operating Range:
0ºC to +40ºC (+32ºF to +104ºF)
Temperature Sensor Range:
- 20ºC to +60ºC (- 4ºF to +140ºF)
Temperature error (according to the sensor manufacturer)*:
± 0.5º C (± 1.0º F) between -10ºc and 60ºc
Real Time Temperature Alerts:
Alert Frequency (min::max):
1 minute:: 9999 minutes
Continuous or One time Alerts:
User Selectable
E-Mail, SMS, Phone Alerts:
Yes, No, No
PC Shutdown:
Data Log Format:
Text, XML
SMTP Authentication:
iPhone Application:
On-Line History Archive:
Quick Start Guide, 6' (1.8 m) External Temperature Sensor 110/240 VAC Adapter (North America Plug)
1 Year
Money Back Guarantee:
30 Days Risk Free
Free Software Upgrades:
1 Year
Shipping Charge:
Free (standard)
Activation Fee:
Monthly Fee:
No, optional Sensor Cloud service available

*To verify the error of a specific sensor, a NIST calibration report should be purchased.


  • Real Time Temperature (and optional Humidity) Alerts via Email
  • Set multiple temperature and humidity alert levels
  • Connect up to 4 probes
  • Connects to your network via WiFi or wired Ethernet
  • Complete stand-alone operation - Does not require you to leave a computer running
  • Real time temperature (humidity) graph - choose °C or °F
  • Included sensor measures from -55°C to 85°C (optional expanded range -200°C to +200°C probe available at additional cost)
  • Compact size fits anywhere: 1.21” x 3.87” x 7.24” (30.74 x 98.30 x 183.90 mm)
  • Logs temperature readings to text and XML for easy integration into custom applications
  • Support for SMTP authentication
  • AC or Power over Ethernet (Passive PoE via power injector)
  • Includes Free Software Upgrades for 1 Year
  • NIST Traceable Certification now available! Contact us for details. View example certificate


  • Temperature@lert WiFi Edition
  • 6' (1.8 m) External Temperature Sensor/Cable
  • 110/240V AC Adapter (North American Plug)
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Electronic Help Guide
  • Unlimited Support and Software Updates
  • 1 Year Warranty on Hardware
  • 30-day money back guarantee



  • Wireless Internet access (802.11b/g) or wired Internet access
  • An ethernet cable for initial configuration
  • Knowledge of wireless/wired networking

Customer Reviews

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Great Product. App Needs Work
on 7/24/2013
by Sebastian
Great Product. App Needs Work
I own a meat shop and the device works amazing! I subscribed to sensor cloud and the website's sensor cloud is much more useful than the iOS app. You can not change settings or view all of the temperatures at once in this app. It needs more features. And an HD version for the iPad. Also the For tech support, They never answered their phone and they took days to respond to e-mails. They really need to work on their tech support. I did like the device so much that I bought a second one for the rest of my freezers.
IT Manager
on 7/11/2013
by Ray T.
IT Manager
Our AC in the computer room shut off unexpectedly, and the temperature in the room quickly rose.  I went on line, and ordered this device.  It does exactly what I want: Constant Monitoring, High Temp Alerts, and a daily summary. 
The system works great, really does a nice job, simple, easy to set up
on 7/8/2013
by Lenore F
The system works great, really does a nice job, simple, easy to set up
We are using the system to monitor the refrigerators at our restaurant. The system works great, really does a nice job, simple, easy to set up. The only suggestion I have is regarding the output file that is emailed each day. It is not in a format that can be easily opened in excel. A simple csv output option would be nice. Perhaps this could be incorporated into a future firmware upgrade.
Performing as advertised
on 1/29/2013
by Randy Pike
Performing as advertised
We bought a wifi unit to monitor the temp. at our home while we are away.  After a slight initial start up problem, Temp. Alert technical support had the unit set up and running in a matter of minutes.  It communicates directly with our router via a WIFI connection.  We have been getting our daily reports first thing in the morning as advertised.  If the furnace does not come on for any reason on a sub-zero night, we will know in plenty of time to have a service technician look into the problem for us.   
No easy tech support options if you have issues
on 1/29/2013
by Andrew
No easy tech support options if you have issues
Ordering was simple and easy.  Paid for two day shipping so I could install in a weekend home and have peace of mind.  Could not get install to work and there is no support on the weekends. Now I am stuck with waiting another week hoping I don't have issues.  I may have a solution to try this weekend but if that does not work it does not seem worth keeping.  Seems to be designed for corporate use not second homes.  Email support offered during the week is slow and cumbersome.  
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Maintenance, Support & Updates for Temperature@lert temperature monitoring products are important components of our solution. If a problem arises, help is within easy and immediate access. This enables your organization to keep the servers, network and entire operation available and running for everyone.

For 1 year following the purchase of any Temperature@lert product, we will make available to you via our website, without charge, copies of any appropriate software updates or enhancements as they are released. In addition, Temperature@lert will provide technical support, notice of new products and services, periodic newsletters or update communications with special offers, which may provide benefit to the customer. Temperature@lert customers will enjoy full hardware replacement during the 1 year warranty period in case a product should fail to function properly during normal use (i.e. without tamper or damage).

After the first year, maintenance, support and software updates are optionally extendable thereafter on an annual basis, paid for in advance. Failure to renew this service in advance will lead to a loss of the above benefits. Reinstatement after the expiration date will incur an additional service fee.  For additional information, please contact Temperature@lert support.



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