Temperature@lert USB Standard Edition - Temperature Sensor USB

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Temperature@lert USB Edition is a low-cost, high-performance device that monitors the ambient temperature in your server room and alerts you via email when the temperature rises or falls outside your acceptable range.

The temperature sensor is accurate to within ±0.5°C and can report temperatures from 0°C to +60°C. Temperature@lert connects to your PC via an available USB port and runs as a windows service. Powered by your computer’s USB port, it never needs new batteries or an AC power adapter. The customizable alert message can be sent continuously or just once when an alert is triggered. Realtime graphing and XML support provide you with the tools you need to integrate temperature readings into websites and other third party applications. Works without any monthly fees or connect to our optional Sensor Cloud service for online viewing and smartphone apps.

Installs in under a minute:

▪ Real Time Temperature Alerts
▪ Pre-Calibrated Sensor
▪ Runs as a Windows Service
▪ No Batteries or AC Power Required
▪ Includes Free Software Upgrades for 1 Year
▪ Logs temperature readings to text and XML log files
▪ XML files can be easily integrated into custom applications
▪ Realtime temperature graph
▪ Choose Celsius or Fahrenheit
▪ Optional PC shutdown
▪ Run custom Power Shell scripts
▪ Log alerts to the PC's event log
▪ Support for SMTP authentication
▪ Ability to send to alerts to one or more email addresses
▪ Runs on Windows 2000-Windows 10, Server 2003-2012 R2(Contact us for Linux Drivers)
NIST Traceable Certification now available! Contact us for details. View example certificate

▪ USB Temperature Sensor
▪ Temperature@lert 4.0 Standard on CD-ROM
▪ Quick Start Guide
▪ Electronic Help Guide
▪ 1 Year of Support and Software Updates
▪ 1 Year Warranty on Hardware
▪ 30-day money back guarantee

Temperature@lert USB Edition monitors the ambient air temperature in server rooms, phone closets, network cabinets, computer rooms and data centers. Temperature@lert USB Edition can be located away from the host PC using any standard USB extension cable. Temperature@lert USB Edition will help protect valuable IT equipment by providing you with an early warning of temperature problems. It is the low-cost, high-performance choice of IT professionals world-wide.

Protected by U.S. Patent Nos. 7,952,485; 8,547,226; 8,248,252; 8,599,012; and 8,779,926. Additional patents pending.

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Configuring Temperature@lert USB Edition is easy with the included setup software. Just edit the default settings in the configuration menu and click "Save and Apply":

Temperature@lert USB Configuration Screen - Temperature Sensor USB

Temperature@lert automatically generates a graph of the current day's temperatures and allows you to zoom out to view several days, months, or years of data:

Temperature@lert USB Configuration Screen

When the temperature goes out of range, you will receive an alert and the graphics on the console will change to indicate a problem:

Temperature@lert USB Configuration Screen

You can configure Temperature@lert USB Edition to integrate with your existing systems via SNMP:

Temperature@lert USB Configuration Screen

After a set number of minutes, you can tell Temperature@lert USB Edition to shut down the computer it is connected to:

Temperature@lert USB Configuration Screen

Temperature@lert USB Edition logs to an MS SQL CE log file for easy integration into websites and other applications:

Temperature@lert USB Configuration Screen

Temperature@lert USB Edition requires little to no technical knowledge to use. However, if you are technically inclined, you can customize this product easily. For instance, to use the raw temperature logs, simply install Microsoft's SQL Server Management Studio and query the temperature logs instantly.

Temperature@lert USB Configuration Screen

The downloads section of our support site contains many useful resources for this product. You can download a complete running Visual Studio project that automatically reads the temperatures from the database and outputs them to a text log:

Temperature@lert USB Configuration Screen


Product Code:
English Dimensions:
H: 0.4", W: 0.8", L: 1.8"
Metric Dimensions:
H: 10 mm, W: 20 mm, L: 46 mm
3 ounces
Software Requirements:
Windows 2000, XP or higher (2012 is supported); Microsoft .NET Framework Version 2; Windows 10
Hardware Requirements:
10 MB Hard Drive Free Space; Pentium III or higher; 128 MB RAM
Network Requirements:
USB Port; PC with Internet Access
Battery-backup Option:
Operating Range:
0ºC to +60ºC
Temperature error (according to the sensor manufacturer)*:
± 0.5º C (± 1.0º F) between -10ºc and 60ºc
Real Time Temperature Alerts:
Alert Frequency (min::max):
5 seconds:: 1000 seconds
Continuous or One time Alerts:
User Selectable
E-Mail, SMS, Phone Alerts:
Yes, No, No
PC Shutdown:
Data Log Format:
Text, XML
SMTP Authentication:
iPhone Application:
On-Line History Archive:
CD-ROM, Quick Start Guide
1 Year
Money Back Guarantee:
30 Days Risk Free
Free Software Upgrades:
Yes (1yr)
Shipping Charge:
Free (standard)
Activation Fee:
Monthly Fee:

*To verify the error of a specific sensor, a NIST calibration report should be purchased.

Customer Reviews

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Products works as described
on 11/19/2015
by Brian Hays
Products works as described
Our server room has a spot cooler and a HVAC. The HVAC went on the blink and I needed a way to consistently monitor and alert me of high temperatures. So far after two months it has worked flawlessly and was much less expensive that attaching a temp gauge to he APC backup. I did have to figure out a good placement for the USB and set the temp -4 degrees to get an accurate reading. Thank you for that setting. 
Nice Product!
on 10/3/2014
by Eduardo Resendez
Nice Product!
nice hardware and software…
Temperature Alert USB
on 12/5/2013
by linda
Temperature Alert USB
Works great just plug and play. Email alerts very helpful.
Good product, easy to setup
on 11/27/2013
by Andrew
Good product, easy to setup
Plugged it in, installed latest software from site download, and configured email alerts.

My only comments for improvement are:
1. don't ship a cd with outdated software, make it more plug and play by auto downloading latest software.
2. allow more specific scheduling status emails rather it running on a cycle of when service last started.
3. provide more variables for email subject and body such as timestamp, hostname.
Really helped out when our A/C unit had issues
on 8/5/2013
by Jeff
Really helped out when our A/C unit had issues
We installed a new A/C unit in our server room and the coil was defective, it took a week to get the new coil in and in the meantime our server room would heat up when the coil would freeze, we never knew when it was going to happen.  With the Temperature@lert sensor we were able to easily monitor the server room and respond when the A/C was frozen up.  Great product at a great price.
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Maintenance, Support & Updates for Temperature@lert monitoring products are important components of our solution. If a problem arises, help is within easy and immediate access. This enables your organization to keep monitoring key assets in your business.

Temperature@lert warrants the Temperature@lert branded hardware and product accessories contained in the original packaging against defects in materials and workmanship for a period of ONE (1) YEAR from the date of original purchase from Temperature@lert to the end user. Under the warranty, hardware will be covered under the conditions that the device has not been tampered with, and has not had any physical damage.

Complimentary software support provides telephone or ticket based support for Sensor Cloud and software. Temperature@lert will provide the most up-to-date firmware for new and legacy devices through the Temperature@lert website. Sensor Cloud support will remain unlimited so long as the subscription to Sensor Cloud is active.


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