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2011 Stevie Award Finalist for Best New Hardware Product

Temperature@lert Cellular Edition is a high-performance device that monitors the ambient temperature in your server room, refrigerator, freezer, lab, vacation home, RV or other location alerts you via email, telephone, and text message when the temperature rises or falls outside your acceptable range.

The temperature sensor is accurate to within ±0.5°C and can report temperatures from -40°F to +200°F. The optional humidity sensor operates from 10% to 90%RH within ±3%RH. Temperature@lert Cellular Edition connects to an electrical outlet.  No PC is required!  No long term contracts. Month-to-month service. Start and stop anytime without any activation or cancellation fees.

How it Works:
When you plug the Temperature@lert Cellular Edition into a power outlet, it immediately begins transmitting temperature readings over the AT&T and T-Mobile cellular phone networks to our 24/7 monitoring system and Dashboard website. The monitoring system logs the current temperature and checks to see if it is outside your acceptable range. If the temperature is outside your acceptable range, the system alerts you via email, text message, and/or telephone call. It will also alert you if the temperature returns to normal. You can view the current temperature, temperature history, and set your alerts all from the Temperature@lert Dashboard website. Data is stored on our secure servers.

Flat rate monthly monitoring plans include everything needed for operation (cellular service, alerts, backups, security, and online hosting at our SAS70 level 2 datacenter): monitoring plans for cellular editions, network temperature monitor, network temperature sensor, pc temperature monitor, pc temperature sensor, pipe temperature sensor, temperature and humidity sensor, rs232 temperature sensor, arduino data logger, arduino temperature logger, asus temperature monitor, ati temperature monitor, auto temperature sensor, computer temperature monitors, 3m temperature logger, ambient temp sensor, automotive data logger, baby temperature monitor, bacnet temperature sensor Contact us if you wish to pay annually. Need more than 5 units? Please contact us for a quote.

You Are Protected:
If the power ever goes out, the Temperature@lert Cellular Edition can alert you to a power loss and continue to transmit on its internal back-up power supply. No need to worry about telephone lines being downed from a storm - Temperature@lert Cellular Edition transmits wirelessly over the mobile phone networks. If our system ever fails to hear from your device, the HealthCheck feature will alert you right away that something's not quite right.

Installation Tips:

Getting Started:

  • ▪ Monitors the temperature every 5, 15, 60, 120, or 240 minutes (depending on plan)
  • ▪ Set multiple temperature and humidity alert levels
  • ▪ Sends alerts to multiple email addresses, multiple text message numbers and multiple phone numbers at the same time
  • ▪ Back-up batteries allow the device to operate when power is lost or for mobile applications up to four weeks
  • ▪ PowerSense power loss alerting lets you know when AC power is lost or the batteries are running low
  • ▪ HealthCheck alerts you to missed reports when the device has not checked in and when device health has been restored
  • ▪ Maintains temperature history online
  • ▪ Store & Forward Data Logging (optional) provides a complete temperature and/or humidity log of readings that were unable to be transmitted due to lack of cellular connection
  • ▪ iPhone & Android apps allow you to see the current temperature of all of your Cellular Edition units instantly
  • ▪ Free continuous software upgrades and support while your device is active
  • ▪ Export temperature history to Excel
  • ▪ Includes external 6' temperature probe, additional temperature and temp/humidity probes  available
  • ▪ Connect up to 4 probes
  • ▪ Water and dust resistant sensor
  • ▪ Pre-calibrated sensor accurate to within ±0.5°C with a range of -40°F to +200°F, within ±3% from 10 to 90% RH
  • ▪ High gain antenna for maximum signal strength
  • ▪ Alerts on intial alarm and when conditions return to normal
  • ▪ XML feed for easy integration into other applications
  • ▪ Able to accept 12V vehicle power
  • ▪ Choose degrees C or F
  • NIST Traceable Certification now available! Contact us for details. View example certificate

  • ▪ Temperature@lert Cellular Edition
  • ▪ 6' External Temperature Sensor
  • ▪ 110/240V AC Adapter (North American Plug)
  • ▪ Quick Start Guide
  • ▪ Electronic Help Guide
  • ▪ 1 Year of Support and Software Updates
  • ▪ 1 Year Warranty on Hardware
  • ▪ 30-day money back guarantee

Options available at extra cost:
  • ▪ Additional 6' External Temperature Sensors
  • ▪ 6' External Temperature/Humidity Sensors
  • ▪ Custom cable lengths (100ft, 30 meters maximum)
  • ▪ NIST traceable temperature probes
  • ▪ Vehicle power adapter
  • ▪ Solar power panel
  • ▪ 9' External Antenna
  • ▪ Dry Contact Sensor, 4-20mA Sensor, Flood Sensor & More
  • ▪ Buffer Vials
  • ▪ Store and Forward data logging - records data when out of cellular signal range, send stored data when reconnected

Cost Effective:
Temperature@lert Cellular Edition flat rate monthly monitoring plans start at just $15 and include everything: cellular data service, website access, and alerts. Temperature@lert Cellular Edition is a month-to-month service. No long term contracts. No cancellation fees. No hidden fees. No activation costs. We like to keep our pricing simple - just like our products.

Protected by U.S. Patent Nos. 7,952,485 & 8,248,252. Additional patents pending.

FCC, CE, Recycle, RoHS, Made in the USA


The following is an outline of Temperature@lert's online Dashboard system:

1) This is the location of your device (based upon the address that you enter).  You may choose to zoom in or out using the control on the far left of the map.
2) The speech bubble has important information regarding your device.  You can see the device name, the last temperature reading, when the last reading was taken, and links to view/change your device settings.
3) The navigation is extremely simple to use for dashboard.  There are 4 tabs: Devices, Users, Reports, and My Account.
4) You may logout of your session at any time.
5) You may set your default map view based on the portion of the world you are viewing and the zoom level you set.


Temperature@lert Cellular Current Conditions Page Screenshot

Shown below is the Devices tab:

1) These are the headers for each section in the table found in the Device List tab.  The pertinent ones are Status, Last reading, and the interval between temperature readings.

2) These are the status messages per device.  The values are either Normal or Alarm!
3) These are the controls that allow you to delete the device from your account, view the settings for that  device, or change that device's settings.
Temperature Alert Device Tab Page Screenshot


Viewing the status of one your Temperature@lert devices brings you to the page below:

1) The device status displays all of the pertinent information for that specific device. 
2) Lists the last 10 temperature readings recorded by your device.
3) A graph that shows your recorded temperature readings over time.

4) You may change the time interval that the chart displays.
5) This is a link that will take you to the export data page (discussed below).
Temperature Alert Device Details Page Screenshot


Viewing the Sensor Alerts of one your Temperature@lert device's sensors brings you to the page below:

1) Allows you to return to view the device and choose other sensors.

2) This is the status message for this sensor's alerts.  The values are either Normal or Alarm!
3) These are the action types for your sensor's alerts. You are able to edit or delete them.
4) Click this to add a new alert for this sensor.
Temperature Alert Sensor Alert Page Screenshot


Below is the Add a New Alert page:

1) Name your alert and select your alert frequency, continuous alerts are available at an additional cost.

2) Set your alert's conditions, whether it's temperature, humidity, or another parameter and which threshold signifies a breach.
3) Choose your notification type and select "send on clear also" to be alerted when parameter has returned to normal status.
4) Make sure to save your alert!
Temperature Alert Add New Alert Page Screenshot


When you choose to export data for a sensor, you will see this page below:

1) The start and end date range will export all of the recorded data for the selected sensor starting from the start date and ending in the end date. 

2) You can export your data into Microsoft Excel format.
Temperature Alert Device Export Data Page Screenshot


Shown below is the Users tab:

1) This bar shows names, usernames, emails, and roles of users you have set.

2) The role of the user is chosen by you. Each role has different permissions. You are able to edit and delete users as you'd like.
3) Add new user buttons allows you to add multiple users.
Temperature Alert Users Page Screenshot


Shown below is the Reports tab:

1) Pick type of report being sent as well as how often to send the report.

2) Each report can have different recipients, just set their email and type of report.
3) Add new user subscription allows you to add other users who need reports for your device.
Temperature Alert Reports Page Screenshot


Shown below is the My Account tab:

1) Select your default view of either the map or list for when you login.
2) This profile section is information pertaining to your account.
3) Password is changeable online if you would like to set it to a different one.
4) Pause your account when you do not need it. Login when you're ready to reactivate to just unpause your account.
Temperature alert Cellular My Account Settings Page


Product Code:
English Dimensions:
4.3" x 3.2" x 0.9"
Metric Dimensions:
111 x 82 x 23
6.7 ounces (190 grams)
Software Requirements:
Any Current Web Browser
Hardware Requirements:
No PC Required
Network Requirements:
GSM Cellular Wireless Signal Coverage Area
Lasts 7 To 14 Days Depending on Signal Strength
Device Operating Range:
0ºC to +70ºC (+32ºF to +158ºF)
Temperature Sensor Range:
-20ºC to +60ºC (- 4ºF to +140ºF) - optional expanded range -200°C to +600°C probe available (at additional cost)
Temperature Accuracy:
± 0.5º C (± 1.0º F)
Power Source:
5VDC 500mAh
Maximum Sensor Cable Length:
100' (30.5M)
Internal Battery Backup:
3.7V Li-Ion Rechargeable
Quad Band GSM GPRS
Real Time Temperature Alerts:
Monitoring Frequency (min::max):
3 minutes::240 minutes
Continuous or One time Alerts:
User Selectable
E-Mail, SMS, Phone Alerts:
Yes, Yes, Yes
PC Shutdown:
Data Log Format:
SMTP Authentication:
Not Applicable
iPhone/Android Applications:
On-Line History Archive:
In the Box:
TM-CELL400, Antenna, Quick Start Guide, 6' (1.8 m) External Temperature Sensor 110/240 VAC Adapter (North America Plug), 6' (1.8M) Power Cable
1 Year
Money Back Guarantee:
30 Days Risk Free
Free Software Upgrades:
Yes, included with monthly plan
Shipping Charge:
Free (standard)
Activation Fee:
Monthly Fee:
Yes, various monthly plans

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Maintenance, Support & Updates for Temperature@lert temperature monitoring products are important components of our solution. If a problem arises, help is within easy and immediate access. This enables your organization to keep the servers, network and entire operation available and running for everyone.

For 1 year following the purchase of any Temperature@lert product, we offer 1 year warranty on hardware. In addition, Temperature@lert will provide unlimited technical support, notice of new products and services, periodic newsletters or update communications with special offers, which may provide benefit to the customer. Temperature@lert customers will enjoy full hardware replacement during the 1 year warranty period in case a product should fail to function properly during normal use (i.e. without tamper or damage).

After the first year, maintenance, support and software updates are optionally extendable thereafter on an annual basis, paid for in advance. Failure to renew this service in advance will lead to a loss of the above benefits. Reinstatement after the expiration date will incur an additional service fee.  For additional information, please contact Temperature@lert support.

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