USB Edition Downloads & Documentation


The latest software and drivers for your Tempereature@lert USB Edition can be found here. Please be sure to review the knowledge base articles if you're experiencing any trouble with these downloads. For product documentation, please see the next section below.

Title Type Author Date Size Tags
Temperature@lert USB Version 4.3 Automatically installs the latest FTDI drivers Compatible with Microsoft Server 2012. Not compatible with Microsoft Server 2003 or Windows XP. .exe 11.77 MB Download
Temperature@lert USB Version 4.2.1 Base Filtering Engine fix. Not compatible with Microsoft Server 2003 or Windows XP. .exe 9.93 MB Download
Temperature@lert USB Version 4.2 4.2 Release. Fixes issues with reading serial port. Additional features: temperature offset, splits up email settings. Not compatible with Microsoft Server 2003 or Windows XP. .exe 9.93 MB Download
Temperature@lert USB 4.0.8 Base filtering engine now starts properly after installation, actual data values are sent in test email messages, text output and event log logging option has been added, PowerShell scripting added. .exe 11.71 MB Download
Driver Removal Utilitiy Use these two executables (in the zip file) to remove all traces of the USB device drivers from your machine. This is useful when you upgrade versions or if you are instructed to do so by the support staff. .zip 317.79 KB USB Drivers Download
datadump Example PowerShell script for 4.0.8 software, outputs data to XML feed. .zip 492 Bytes Download
C# Sample Source Code for TM-STD30 .zip 1.25 KB Download
VS.NET Project to Export SQLCE To Text Complete MS VS.NET Studio project with pre-compiled EXE to show you how to export text from MS SQL CE DB used by the new 4.0 USB software. .zip 66.57 KB Download
USB Software - Release v 3.5.4 Temperature Alert Windows Console Software. Version 3.5.4 .msi 1.96 MB USB Console Software Download
3.5.4 Hotfix 20100306 .zip 547.65 KB Download
All Windows Drivers Package - 32 and 64 bit This self installing executable is the latest drivers for the USB Temperature Alert device. Simply download and install. .exe 1.65 MB USB Windows Drivers Download
LINUX C++ Program / BASH script to Read Temperature .gz 4.47 KB Download
C++ Sample Code C++ Sample Code .gz 3.53 KB USB C++ Download


Download the user manual, brochure and product specs for your Temperature@lert USB Edition product here.

Title Type Author Date Size Tags
USB Edition (TM-STD30) User Guide 4.0 .pdf 936.09 KB Download
USB Edition (TM-STD30) Product Brochure .pdf 153.96 KB Download
TM-STD30 Quick Start Guide .pdf 713.48 KB Download