Temperature@lert In The News

Over the years, we have been mentioned several times through many publications. We would like to thank those companies who have touted and promoted our remote temperature monitoring products. You can find links below to those articles that we have been able to find.


Get Started With Environmental Monitoring -  Processor Magazine (October 2012)

Buying Tips: Environmental Monitoring Equipment - Processor Magazine (September 2012)

Radio Interview with Temperature@lert CEO Harry Schechter - The Peggy Smedley Show (August 2011)

Take Control of Your Data Center Environment - Processor Magazine (Elizabeth Millard, May 2011) 

Interview with Temperature@lert's Harry Schechter (mp3) - Mind Your Own Business Radio Show (April 2011)

Here's How To Take The Bite Out Of Rising Energy Prices - Business Insider (Harry Schechter, April 2011)

Temperature@lert: Low cost, high value data center monitoring - TechRepublic (Scott Lowe, April 2011)

Pumping Up The Heat - Processor Magazine (Chris A. MacKinnon, June 2010)

The Move Toward Environmental Monitoring - Processor Magazine (Sue Marquette Porembra, April 2010)

Simple Temperature Monitoring - Processor Magazine (Drew Robb, February 2010)

Trends in Power and Cooling - Processor Magazine (Christian Perry, April 2009)