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Sensor Cloud is an enterprise-class service that combines the readings from all Temperature@lert devices in one place online. Log on to our secure web site to see current conditions, manage telephone, text/SMS and email alerts, and more.
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Temperature@lert is the top choice for protecting server rooms, medical storage, commercial refrigeration and vacant property.

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Features of Temperature@lert Sensor Cloud

Phone, Email and Text/SMS Alerts

Your Temperature@lert devices report temperature and other sensor readings at regular intervals to Sensor Cloud. If the temperature or other sensor reading is outside of your acceptable range, Sensor Cloud will call you, send you a text message and/or send you an email.Once the reading is back within range, you can elect to receive an all clear message as well.

Live Online Temperature and Other Sensor Readings

Sensor Cloud instantly puts temperature and other sensor readings from your Temperature@lert devices online. Simply log into Sensor Cloud's website to see live streaming temperatures at your device's location(s). Securely share or integrate the data with graphs and XML feeds. Plus, Sensor Cloud keeps your temperature readings archived for years.

Multiple Recipients - Send Alerts to Many People at Once

Sensor Cloud's advanced alerting feature allows you to specify alerts to be sent to multiple phone numbers, text message addresses, and email addresses. Now, when there's a change in temperature, you and your entire team can receive notification

Multiple User Logins

Create separate usernames and passwords for every member of your organization with roles based permissions and standard password enforcement policies.


Is your Temperature@lert unit running? What if your Internet connection goes down? What if Windows locks up? How will you know? HealthCheck will tell you. If your Temperature@lert device does not report in to Sensor Cloud, HealthCheck will alert you via telephone, text message, or email

Graphing and Export

Need the raw data of your temperature or other sensor logs? Log into Sensor Cloud and export any portion of your logs to Microsoft Word or Excel. Sensor Cloud also presents you with a graph to view temperature readings over time and easily spot trends.

Multiple Thresholds / Escalation

With Sensor Cloud, you can setup alerts for multiple temperature or other sensor reading ranges. For example, if you want to receive an alert if the temperature rises above 20F, simply setup that threshold and alert. What if the temperature goes above 25F? You can setup a second threshold with additional alerts to a second group of people. And if the temperature goes above 30F? You know what to do! Sensor Cloud's got you covered when you need to alert different groups of people about different temperature ranges.

All in One View

Do you have more than one Temperature@lert device? Sensor Cloud shows you all of your Temperature@lert devices in one place at the same time. Use the list or Google Map view to see conditions across your enterprise. It's the perfect excuse to buy a new flat panel for your mission control center!

Automated Reporting

Sensor Cloud can automatically email you every day, week, month or year with a .PDF report containing graphs, sensor readings, and alarm history from all of your devices. We can even create a customized report for you (additional one time charge applies for custom reports).

Audit Trail

Sensor Cloud makes note of logins, lockouts, and settings changes behind the scenes and can automatically email you a .PDF report of all activity on your account for complete record keeping.

Compliance Features

Help support your compliance requirements with Sensor Cloud. Sensor Cloud meets CFR 21 Part 11 requirements for electronic data storage and access. It also supports corrective actions, offset adjustments, re-alarming, alarm delay and acknowledgement of alerts. Please contact us to learn more!

API, Read-only Public URL, and XML Feeds

Pull Sensor Cloud data into your enterprise BI system via SOAP API or easily share a read-only view of each device by enabling the public URL for any (or all) of your devices. The public URL allows you to share your current conditions and graphs with any person of your choice, provided they have a standard web browser. They won't need a username or password; just your permission to view the data. In addition, the page contains an XML feed that allows data integration with other applications.

Free iPhone and Android Apps

Sensor Cloud includes free iPhone and Android apps to allow you to keep tabs on all of your Temperature@lert devices while on the go. Each app allows you to view current conditions for each device along with historical graphs and logs.

Free trial, no long-term contracts, pay-as-you-go.
Sensor Cloud starts at about $9.95/month.

Protected by U.S. Patent Nos. 7,952,485; 8,547,226; 8,248,252; 8,599,012; and 8,779,926. Additional patents pending.