Our Team

We believe that HOW you do anything, means everything.

The Temperature@lert team is committed to creatively solving customer

challenges, pursuing breakthrough innovation, and building a world where

remote monitoring improves products, organizations, and lives.

Harry Schechter, Temperature@lert       

        Jeremy Macdonald, Temperature@lert
Dave Ruede, Temperature@lert Diane Deng, Temperature@lert Phil Trapasso, Temperature@lert
Aaron Howell, Temperature@lert Clinton Dziki, Temperature@lert Sally Rosen, Temperature@lert
Michelle Keefe, Temperature@lert Benny Bridger, Temperature@lert Dave Raymond, Temperature@lert
Bobby Rejek, Temperature@lert Sima Mitra, Temperature@lert Kyle Gilpin, Temperature@lert
Kevin Felichko, Temperature@lert Julie Brown, Temperature@lert Greg Carter, Temperature@lert
Stephanie Walsh, Temperature@lert Dan Bachiochi, Temperature@lert Tara McNabb, Temperature@lert
Monica Lynch, Temperature@lert Rick Archer, Temperature@lert Gemechu Negeri, Temperature@lert
Ryan Simmons, Temperature@lert Caitlin O'Neill, Temperature@lert Andrew McGeachie, Temperature@lert
Nicole Zanetti, Temperature@lert Will Richards, Temperature@lert Chris Waisnor, Temperature@lert
Matt Durgavich, Temperature@lert Brett Ventura, Temperature@lert Ellen Valada, Temperature@lert
Matt Ferguson, Temperature@lert Peter Bettinelli, Temperature@lert Jason Sroka, Temperature@lert
Andrew Stevenson, Temperature@lert Nathan Reimensnyder, Temperature@lert

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