Harry Schechter, Eternal Entrepreneur

As his third tech startup, Temperature@lert offers Harry the opportunity to combine his greatest talents - technology innovation and problem solving. Harry first honed his leadership and technology skills as co-founder and Chief Technology Officer at Doceus, Inc. Harry grew the company for over ten years and it was ranked as one of TechWay Magazine's 50 fastest growing companies in Washington, DC. Harry received a Bachelor of Science in Applied Science from Miami University and an MBA from MIT's Sloan Fellows Program where his research focused on commercializing cloud-based sensor systems. There is no moss on this entrepreneur. A Grammy-nominated, skydiving, adventure traveler, Harry has even had photographs published in National Geographic Traveler. However, he has since retired his parachute and now spends his free time hiking with his dogs and jamming on the guitar with his kids. Harry's ideal temperature is PV/nR.

Michael Choi, Operations Overlord

Massachusetts’s native with hints of NorCal, Mike received a BS in Materials Science & Engineering at UC Berkeley. His Overlord Training in Logistics & Operations derived from a MBA at Boston College with a dual specialization in Marketing and Operations. A tinker and a thinker, Mike is triumphantly managing Operations & Logistics at Temperature@lert. When Mike is not busy contributing to multiple publications in science journals about research he did for the Air Force, NASA, DOE, and so forth; he takes pleasure in running up mountains and learning to cook from a James Beard Award-winning chef. With cooking and running on the top of his hobby list, Mike prefers 63 degrees, the perfect temperature to slow poach an egg and run in.

Diane Deng, Advertising Acrobat

Born and raised a Bostonian, Diane graduated with a BS from Boston University in Communications with a specialty in Advertising. Aerodynamic Diane spends her spare time flying in the air through her practice of aerial yoga while pursuing her ALM in Information Technology, Digital Media at Harvard. Not only is she a flying machine but a marketing machine as well. She recently launched her first national cross-promotional marketing campaign. When Diane is not gliding on yoga swings, she swiftly manages Temperature@lert's new media accounts while building client and affiliate relationships. For this airborne gal, she likes her temperature like she likes her aerial yoga, a warm 78 degrees.

Benny Bridger, B2B Bees

Brookline’s own “Benny Bees” comes to Temperature@lert with a specialized concentration in content creation. Flying into our office with a knack for composition and a BA in English from the University of Connecticut, Benny is our B2B Bee. Having been published many times, Benny zooms from “B-to-B,” and composes, creates, and customizes content for our B2B users, whether it be blogs or (e)books. When not pollinating our blog with nectarous articles, Benny takes leisure in sports, comic strips, and rescuing animals! True to nature, Benny loves to bask in 75-degree weather because the added warmth from the sun is just perfect for him.

Dan Garnett, Ticket Terminator

As a Quincy Point native, Dan enjoys the pleasures of skateboarding and snowboarding on his off days, and If the swells permit, you might find him on a surfboard by Revere Beach. Dan graduated from Quincy High Vocational Tech with a focus in Metal Fabrication, along with an A+ certification from RETS in Charlestown. Before working at Temperature@lert, Dan single-handedly configured the TD Garden’s garage WiFi and Point-of-Sale systems. While he’s trained in new school computer tactics, Dan enjoys the old school straight razor and classic hip hop. He prides himself on genuine service to end users, the joys of sifting through technical problems to reach improbable solutions, and general “problem hacking”. If there’s a way, Dan’s got the will. He settles on 55 degrees as his ideal temperature, the ideal climate for a breezy skateboard ride in a comfortable hoodie.

Phil Trapasso, Empirical Engineer

As our resident Empirical Engineer, Phil hails from the hills of North Conway, NH. Recently, Phil has used his expertise to compile a BS in Mechanical Engineering from the Wentworth Institute of Technology. In preparation for the apocalypse, Phil has a talent for brewing a variety of beverages and preserving food (canning, pickling, and dehydrating to name a few). Besides his home hobbies, he enjoys biking, hiking, and tirelessly re-reading Jean Craighead George’s My Side of the Mountain. He’s a former breakdancer with handstand abilities beyond that of a normal human being. When it comes to temperature preference, Phil sticks to 22.22c, the perfect temperature for pitching Saccharomyces cerevisiae.

David Ricketts, Enterprise Sales Superstar

Hailing from the UK and educated at the University of Greenwich in London, David is the newest addition to the Temperature@lert team. After persuading his significant other to move to the United Kingdom, he has recently relocated to the United States to be Temperature@lert’s Enterprise Sales Superstar. Armed with a degree in Theological Studies, he has worked for a variety of business organizations throughout his career. His lifetime accomplishments include one flawless golf swing (and a thousand attempts to replicate it), and surviving a 4 day ordeal with food poisoning in India (while losing 22lbs in the process)! Due to that ordeal, David now is a firm believer in HACCP food safety monitoring for everyone. Being English, David has only two temperatures, too hot and too cold, and his pursuit of the ideal temperature continues to this day as he adjusts to his new abode.

Eric Marchand, Technical Trailblazer

Eric, the original Bostonian, grew up in North Attleboro and recently attended Johnson and Wales University. He has an associate’s degree in Robotic Engineering and a BS in Electrical Engineering. Starting in his freshman year of college, Eric showed a genuine passion for the world of iPhone application development and various arduino projects. To this day, both of these interests have evolved into full-time hobbies. Eric shows a passion for Temperature@lert development, and undertakes any custom programming requests with a “Yes we can!” attitude. His ideal temperature is a chilly 32°F, where it’s as cold as ice and he’s willing to sacrifice.

Kyle Gilpin, EE Enabler

An MIT alum, Kyle was born and raised in Omaha, NE and currently resides in Cambridge, MA. Despite being a workhorse for Temperature@lert, Kyle always finds time to escape for hiking and climbing. He's hiked through the legendary John Muir trail and has topped the peak of every 4000+ foot mountain in New Hampshire. Kyle has also driven across the country with less than a gallon of fossil fuel, and spends his weekday downtime working on his bio-diesel Jetta TDI. His thesis research has been featured in a number of well-renowned publications, including NPR, BBC, Wired, and even Hemisphere (a United Airlines inflight magazine). His favorite temperature is 293.15 Kelvin-- the scientifically optimum temperature that never, ever requires thermostat adjustment.

Kevin Felichko, Programming Prodigy

Elegant and simple - Kevin's key components of software design. As a developer for over twelve years, Kevin established tech strategies for a variety of industries - from the secondary mortgage market to the intelligence community. In his (very limited) free time, Kevin enjoys traveling around the world with his family. Never a dull moment, each trip brings a combination of fun, learning, and emergency room visits. His collection of hospital bracelets is quite impressive. Kevin's favorite temperature is a moderate and sensible 0x32 degrees.

Sally Rosen, .NET Dynamo

Originally from Chicago, IL, Sally has a killer instinct for engineering enterprise-class .NET systems and her talents are squarely directed at the heart of Temperature@lert's Dashboard SaaS system. Armed with a computer science degree from Stanford University, Sally got her start at Sapient and continued to take the software industry by storm at Centerpost Corporation.  Sally was bitten by the entrepreneurship bug and founded 630 West Technology Solutions.  She has been involved or consulted for 7 different early stage companies over the last 12 years.  Her involvement has ranged from founder to consultant to employee #4.  Her ideal temperature is 74 degrees at the office where Sally gets the bugs before they get her.

Nikolaus Correll, Hardware Hacker

Our resident German, Nikolaus is a computer science brainiac. In addition to perfecting Temperature@lert hardware, Nikolaus served as a post-doctoral associate at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology's MIT Distributed Robotics Lab. We recommend perusing his award winning PhD thesis - it's a great beach read. Nikolaus earned his master's degree in Electrical Engineering from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich. Now he spends much of his free time tinkering in the labs as an assistant professor at UC Boulder and playing with robots. Yes, we join you in wishing that we had that gig. Nikolaus' favorite temperature is anything in degrees Celsius.

Michelle Keefe, Sustainability Seer

Entrepreneurship is old hat for Michelle - having successfully run and sold her first business, Misha K, before the age of 30, she now joins Temperature@lert and keeps a watchful eye on business practices that impact the Earth. Her innovative reverse logistics [electronics reclamation] program has significantly reduced waste from Temperature@lert products and improved earnings performance. Given Michelle's passion for sustainable business practices, it's no surprise she's joined a company focused on indoor global warming. Always eager to assist other budding entrepreneurs, Michelle participates as a judge in the William James Foundation's Sustainable Business Plan Competition. Michelle holds a BA from the University of Notre Dame, a Masters in Environmental Management from Harvard where she also serves as a teaching fellow, and prefers the cool, crispness of 63 degrees.

Dave Ruede, Well-Versed Wordsmith

Dave Ruede, a dyed in the wool Connecticut Yankee, has been involved with high tech companies for the past three decades. His background in chemistry and experience in a multitude of industries such as industrial chemicals and systems, pulp and paper, semiconductor fabrication, data centers, and test and assembly facilities informs his work daily. Well-versed in sales, marketing, management, and business development, Dave brings real world experience to Temperature@lert. When not crafting new Temperature@lert projects, Dave enjoys spending time with his young granddaughter, who keeps him grounded to the simple joys in life. Such joys for this wordsmith include reading prize winning fiction and non-fiction. Although a Connecticut Yankee, living for a decade in coastal California’s not too hot, not too cold climate epitomizes Dave’s favorite temperature, 75°F.

Michelle Dardeno, Currency Countress

Temperature@lert's resident financial guru from North Reading, Massachusetts works hard to keep the company’s finances in order. She's a die-hard east coaster, attending high school not far outside of Boston at North Reading High School and college at Lasell College. Before joining the Temperature@lert team, Michelle worked for Insource Services for five years, where she worked primarily with Boston-based non-profit organizations, such as the Massachusetts Service Alliance, Project Bread (The Walk for Hunger) and the Interaction Institute for Social Change, just to name a few. Her passion for helping those in need is just one her hobbies and beyond her dedication to bettering her community, Michelle likes to spend her free time with family, boxing, playing sports and cooking. Michelle likes her temperatures as warm as her heart, 75°F and sunny, so that she can spend her free time outside with the people she cares about the most!

Kate Hofberg, Epicurean Essayist

Temperature@lert’s resident foodie from sunny Santa Barbara, Kate Hofberg, creates weekly blog posts, manages the content database, and assists with the marketing team's projects. Balancing a love for both the west and east coast, Hofberg studied at University of California Santa Barbara, where she received a Bachelors in Communications, and Boston University, where she is currently a Masters candidate in Journalism. Before coming to Temperature@lert, Hofberg trained in her foodie ways through consumption of extremely spicy, authentic Mexican food with her three brothers and managing a popular Santa Barbara beachside restaurant. Through her training and love of great food, she brings fresh methods of cooking up content. When Hofberg is not working on Temperature@lert marketing endeavors, she serves as a weekly opinion columnist for the Boston University independent student-run newspaper, The Daily Free Press. If time permits, Hofberg enjoys long walks, reading, playing with her cat, and eating pizza. Her ideal temperature is 115°F because she loves temperatures as hot and spicy as her food.

Robert “Bobby” Rejek, Dreaming Dramatist

Boston local, Bobby is Temperature@lert's resident fitness and nutrition expert. Majoring in English and having earned Suffolk's Recognition Day Award for his contributions to Suffolk University, Bobby joins the Temperature@lert team as a content writer. He creates health-related blog posts, aids in marketing team initiatives, and helps maintain the technical content database. Outside of Temperature@lert, Bobby is a certified Personal Trainer through the NCSF and is working on his first fantasy novel. Because he's always on the go, Bobby's favorite temperature of 65°F reminds him to keep cool and stay breezy.