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November 2010 Newsletter, Vol. 2, No. 5

In this issue:

15% off Your Temperature@lert Purchase - A special discount for current customers 

Be Protected During the Holidays

New Cellular Device - Introducing the TM-CELL300


Who Uses our Products? - A gourmet food distributor chooses Temperature@lert


Device Tips & Tricks

Get 15% off Your Temperature@lert Purchase

Current customers who order between now and November 15th, 2010 can receive 15% off plus free shipping on their purchase.


Simply enter the code "NOVSAVINGS" during checkout to get your 15% off.


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Don't Leave Your Office or Home Unprotected During the Holidays! 

With the holidays quickly approaching, who's going to make sure places like your server room, refrigeration units or home don't get too hot or too cold?  Temperature@lert's temperature monitors alert you when temperatures fall above or below your ideal conditions.


Utilizing Temperature@lert's USB or WiFi editions allow you to get email notifications when temperature conditions move outside acceptable conditions.  Using the Cellular Edition provides phone, text and email alerts, all without the need for an internet connection.  Notifications can be sent to different users and at different temperature thresholds, allowing for appropriate actions to take place.


Don't let worrying about the office or home ruin your Holidays.  Get a Temperature@lert product to put your mind at ease!

Introducing Temperature@lert's new TM-CELL300 Cellular Edition 

Now available from Temperature@lert is its latest generation Cellular Edition remote temperature sensor, the TM-CELL300. Acclaimed by customers as, "One of the greatest and most simple devices encountered in a long time," The TM-CELL300 builds on the legacy of the company's most advanced product line, its Cellular Edition.



The cellular data logger monitors temperature and/or humidity and alerts you via phone call, email or text message when the readings are out of range all without a phone line or internet connection. The latest version provides customers with several new advanced capabilities and benefits to make it the most user-friendly, cost-effective Cellular temperature and humidity sensor on the market today:

  • Easy to set up and use - just plug it in and the device begins monitoring
  • Dual Sensor Input Capabiility - Significantly reduces Cost/Sensor (Measurement Point), which is very useful where monitoring of both refrigerator and freezer compartments of storage units is required.
  • Temperature/Humidity Sensor Option - Adds relative humidity monitoring for critical applications such as Servers, HVAC Systems, Refrigerators and Freezers, Archives and Laboratories
  • Set and send alerts for multiple temperature and/or humidity thresholds - provides an easy and meaningful way to implement and escalation strategy based on severity of the conditions.
  • Send multiple email, text and voice messages for each threshold and notification type - let those who are most affected by potential problems know when issues arise and when they are resolved.

"Hundreds of customers are enjoying the freedom and peace of mind of our Cellular Edition product offerings today," reports Harry Schechter, Temperature@lert Founder and CEO. Customers include Hospital and Bio/Pharma Laboratories, Doctor's Offices, Food Distributors and Retailers. Many customers have related how much they appreciate the simplicity of our device and ease of use. We believe this latest generation offering provides the most cost-effective, easy-to-use cellular temperature and humidity monitoring and alerting device in the market today."


The new TM-CELL300 incorporates the exceptional features of its predecessors such as:

  • Dashboard web browser interface - connect anywhere on any browser to set one or more alarm limits and view on-line temperature history
  • HealthCheck functionality - lets you know if the device has stopped reporting, providing piece of mind that monitoring is always running
  • Affordable all inclusive month-by-month service plans - no long term contract require
  • iPhone App lets you check your temperature readings anywhere
  • Options include NIST Certification, solar power supply, and custom length sensor cables

To Learn more about the TM-CELL300 Cellular Edition, Visit our Product Page

Temperature@lert Selected by Metro-NYC Gourmet Food Distributor Cindy Sue Products to Monitor Freezers

Cindy Sue Products, a New Rochelle, NY based gourmet hors d'oeuvres distributor, is using the Temperature@lert Cellular Temperature Sensor to make sure their high quality products are safely refrigerated 24/7.


"We recently had to expand our refrigeration to an offsite location," owner Cindy Marshall related recently. "Because we wanted to be sure the refrigeration unit was operating reliably but could not easily connect to a computer network or monitoring system, we looked for a cost-effective solution to keep tabs on our products. After a lot of research, we discovered Temperature@lert's Cellular Edition. Not only did it fit our needs perfectly but it was simple to set up. I plugged the unit in and it worked! I set my unit to report in every 15 minutes. If I want, I can log onto the Temperature@lert server from anywhere at any time to check the temperature history and alert status."


Not only can the Temperature@lert Cellular device operate without a computer or WiFi network, the associated Temperature@lert Dashboard web service can alert Ms. Marshall by phone, text or email if the temperature rises too high. If the AC power goes out, the unit automatically switches to its internal battery power.


"This is important because in the NYC area lightning storms and other problems knock out the power several times each year," Cindy continued. "This is a real time saver. If there is a problem, now instead of having to drive out to see if everything is OK, I can view what's happening from home or on my Blackberry. I tell all my customers what a great product the Temperature@lert sensor is."


"Many of our customers are like Cindy Sue Products - they need an easy to use and set up remote or mobile temperature sensor that does not rely on traditional computer networks," said Harry Schechter, CEO of Temperature@lert. " Our Cellular Edition has been an invaluable tool for many small and medium sized business owners that need reliable information to protect their businesses at a very competitive price."


To learn more about how Temperature@lert is helping businesses, read some of our case studies over on our products page. 

Temperature@lert Tips & Tricks 

Want your Temperature@lert device to have the most accurate monitoring? Here are some tips that will help you do just that:

  • For USB devices, make sure your device's readings are getting affected by the heat of your computer. Using a USB extension cable will allow you to place your USB device in a more ideal position.
  • If monitoring refrigeration units, remember that opening and closing the door can rapidly affect air temperature, but not the items in the refrigerator. Placing your probe in Glycol or water can help give an accurate reading.
  • Need to monitor the temperature in two places rather than just one? Temperature@lert's WiFi and Cellular Edition monitors are capable of accepting two temperature probes. Probes can be ordered from Temperature@alert in various lengths up to 100 ft.
  • Along with the temperature monitoring, Temperature@lert WiFi and Cellular Editions can monitor humidity. By purchasing a combination temperature/humidity sensor from Temperature@lert, you can ensure operating environments are at ideal conditions.

For more information about our products and how they can help your business, head over to our product page.