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July 2012 Newsletter, Vol. 4, No. 6

Temperature@lert Moved to the Leather District!

Temperature@lert has relocated their corporate office!  The new location is quadruple the size of our current office space.  The additional space will be used to accommodate expanded staff and operational needs.  Temperature@lert, first made the move to Boston, MA in August 2010 for additional office space and for the availability of quality employees.  The company, a recent double winner of 2012 MITX Innovation Awards, continues to grow as it develops new products and solutions for temperature and environmental monitoring in industries spanning from IT/Server Rooms to Agriculturalists.

The new office, in the Leather District, was selected because the Innovation District does not have as much vacant office space and rents have increased considerably in the area.  Temperature@lert selected, the Leather District, because we needed more room for expansion and the rents in the area are more reasonable.  The savings in rent will be used for increased product development.  The Leather District has become a popular place of work for many start-ups. Temperature@lert joins Yesware, Tracelytics and Abroad 101 in the Leather District.  The new address is:
108 Lincoln Street, BA
Boston, MA 02111

“We are excited to have to move to larger office space as it shows that there is a demand and need for our products”, said Harry Schechter, CEO and President of Temperature@lert. “The Leather District provides us with the additional space we need and we also like the idea of being with other start-ups, it makes for a more stimulating environment.  Our business has continued to grow steadily, with continued interest for our products to monitor server room temperatures and new interest from the bio-pharmaceutical industry, for monitoring vaccines and drug temperatures and the commercial refrigeration industry, where we have seen schools use our products to monitor the refrigeration in school cafeterias.  Our products help both of these industries meet government regulations for environmental and temperature monitoring.  We have also introduced a new line of products to service the agriculture industry.  Our company continues to support expanded operations and the additional space of our new office will help us keep up with our increasing customer demand.”

CEO & President, Harry Schechter, at the SNA Conference

This year's annual School of Nutrition Association (SNA) Conference is held in Denver, Colorado! Attendees ranged from directors of nutrition to students to Beach Boys and Shaquille O'Neal to name a few. Along with 800+ exhibitors, CEO and President, Harry Schechter, represented Temperature@lert at the event showcasing our best solutions for commercial refrigeration for food and beverage monitoring. As an expert in monitoring, Schechter demonstrated the use of our WIFI and CELL devices along with Sensor Cloud and a variety of sensors and buffer vials in order to illustrate the best USDA Compliant methods of monitoring product storage. "It was great to see many of our users and hear about our systems being deployed and averting potential food storage disasters. Temperature@lert hopes to continue to be a leader in environmental monitoring so that schools can continue to meet the standards of the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act," said Schechter.

To learn more about proper commercial refrigeration monitoring, please review our Industry Case Studies:

TIP: How Sensor Cloud Works

Have you ever wanted to remotely monitor your Temperature@lert device? If you answered "yes," then Sensor Cloud is for you.

Sensor Cloud takes the readings and data compiled by your device and transfers them onto an Internet account that you can remotely monitor from anywhere. No longer do you have to worry about working from home and wondering if everything is okay at your job, vacation home, or any other location you have chosen to monitor. This service allows its users to monitor via iPhone, iPad, or Android apps as well as mobile browser and through any web browser.

For a low cost, your device will send the data to our secure server and your readings then magically appear online on your Sensor Cloud account. Now you can check in with your device(s) at any moment so that you can be at peace of mind. You will be able to set phone, text, and email alerts for your set thresholds. Not to mention, it will put all your devices onto one interface that way you no longer have to locally check each individual device.

Sensor Cloud is no longer just available for CELL users anymore. Due to popular request, Sensor Cloud service is now available for our USB and WIFI users as well. For more information on Sensor Cloud, please visit:

MITX Feature on Temperature@lert's Innovation

From the MITX Blog

This post is part of our June series on start-ups. We reached out to some of our favorite local start-uppers to find out how they're innovative. This post is by Diane Deng, Advertising Acrobat (Online Marketing Coordinator). Born and raised a Bostonian, Diane graduated with a BS from Boston University in Communications with a specialty in Advertising. Aerodynamic Diane spends her spare time flying in the air through her practice of aerial yoga while pursuing her Masters in Visual Arts at Harvard. Not only is she a flying machine but a marketing machine as well. She recently launched her first national cross-promotional marketing campaign. When Diane is not gliding on yoga swings, she swiftly manages Temperature@lert's new media accounts while building client and affiliate relationships. For this airborne gal, she likes her temperature like she likes her aerial yoga, a warm 78 degrees.

Q. Why and how are YOU innovative?

A: Change drives innovation and in order to be at the forefront of innovation, one must be passionate in all that they do.

It's no secret that change is the root of innovation. Even Darwinism dictates that those who can adapt are the ones who survive in an ever-changing society. As the Online Marketing Coordinator at Temperature@lert, I found not only a job position but a place where everyone shares the same passion for innovation and growth. As a team and as our culture, we consistently adapt to change and work at a level of 110%, because that's what our users deserve as standard.

When I was asked to write this blog post, I was ecstatic because I truly believe that Temperature@lert is at the forefront of innovation as a bootstrapped start-up. Without an ounce of VC funding, Harry Schechter, President & CEO of Temperature@lert, founded Temperature@lert in 2005. His story is truly inspirational, from a humble beginning of heat-shrink packaging our first USB devices with a hair dryer with his mother-in-law to having over 20,000 Temperature@lert products sold to users in over 40 countries. Currently, Temperature@lert systems are protecting over $250,000,000 of customer assets.

Temperature@lert has not only grown in sales but in in team members and in products. All team members share the same vision. Our vision is to provide organizations with the simplest, most reliable monitoring tools available to alleviate customer worry about system malfunctions or product damage due to temperature and other environmental conditions (floods, humidity, over-watering, wind, frost, etc.). This vision is what drives our passion because we can see the impact our product has on daily activities to global changes.

Proactively working together, we hope to make our vision into a name recognizable by everyone from BBQ smokers to server room administrators. Innovation has driven the creation of USB, WIFI, CELL, and SOLAR CELL editions as well as our Sensor Cloud service. And we will continue to develop more features as our passion for innovation drives us to help our users avert environmental-condition related disasters.

Thank You for Your Support & Votes

Thanks for all your support and votes because Temperature@lert is now officially vying for one of 12 grants from Chase and LivingSocial’s Mission: Small Business campaign. There are at least seventy-one local Boston businesses competing for this nationwide opportunity. Businesses must receive a minimum of 250 votes to have their application considered by Chase and LivingSocial’s panelists for one of the grants.

“We have worked diligently for two weeks trying to get enough votes by the June 30th deadline. We are grateful our community of friends, family, and ‘TempAlerters’  assisted us. The whole Temperature@lert team is greatly appreciative for all their support,” Harry Schechter, CEO & President of Temperature@lert, said. “When we surpassed 250 votes and hit above 350 votes, this demonstrated that our message to save water has significantly impacted our community. We are hopeful to receive a grant for Project PHYL so that we can continue with this project.”

Currently, Temperature@lert has produced USB, WIFI, CELL, and SOLAR CELL devices. The company was  recently recognized as the 2012 winner of MITX (Massachusetts Innovation & Technology Exchange) Innovation Award for Best Bootstrapped Start-Up. The SOLAR CELL device won an award for Best "Doing Good" Innovation and is currently an American Business Award Stevie Finalist for Best New Industrial Product in 2012 as well. The SOLAR CELL has flourished in the agricultural industry. The success of this product has caused  there to be a demand in the market for a version made for small scale farms and gardens.

“Drawing on our previous experience in software and hardware from our SOLAR CELL device, we have created a product project entitled ‘PHYL’,” says Schechter. “PHYL is a cost-effective, compact solar-powered cellular device created for said users. In order to have PHYL be more user-friendly and relatable, our prototype has a green-leaf mounting-frame surrounding a solar cellular edition that is 50% smaller than its industrial parent edition, SOLAR CELL. However, similar to our SOLAR CELL device, PHYL will be able to monitor soil moisture and temperature so that the user can conserve water and have the most optimal conditions for growth.”

Although Temperature@lert will not find out until September if we are an official grant recipient, we already know how we would use the funds for Project PHYL. “We would like to develop wireless versions of our plug-and-play smart sensors, new wireless smart sensor capabilities, and a separate Sensor Cloud platform aimed towards promoting crop/plant growth in addition to perfecting our prototype. We would also like to create an online community where users would be able to discuss growing tips and request new sensor features,” stated Schechter. “Our unit can save enough water in a year for up to 9,000 people. This assumes a 200 acre farm, 6.21 gal water/cu ft on farm per year, 50% water reduction, and 50 gallons per day of water use per person.”

When agriculturalists are unsure of how to effectively water their plants or crop, Temperature@lert is there offering solutions. Temperature@lert is working full-time whether you are in the office, field, lab, or someplace else. It works whether you are awake or asleep because Temperature@lert strives to be the most innovative monitoring system for their users. Their culture dictates them to work at 110% for all users and proactively aid those in their community in the most effective way possible.