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January 2011 Newsletter, Vol. 3, No. 1

In this issue:


Tell a Friend About Cellular, Get 1 Month of Service Free!


Temperature@lert Sensor Cloud for USB - Now Looking for Beta Testers!


Protect Your Home During the Winter!

New White Paper: "Considerations for temperature sensor deployment in critical environments"


Product Spotlight: NIST Certification

Tell a friend about Cellular and get a month of service free!

A lot of our customers are so pleased with our Cellular Edition that they end up suggesting the product to friends and colleagues. Now Temperature@lert is rewarding that passion. If you refer a friend to purchase a cellular unit, you each will get one month of Plus Service (a $21 value), free!


Simply have your friend put your email address in the promo code section during online checkout, and once the order is processed, we’ll give both of you a month of Plus Service for free.  If you have a Premium or Max plan, we'll take $21 off.

Temperature@lert Sensor Cloud for USB – Now looking for Beta testers!

Customers have asked for it, and we listened. The ability to view your USB readings online via Temperature@lert Sensor Cloud is now in Beta Testing!

Known to our Cellular users as Dashboard, Temperature@lert Sensor Cloud allows users to view their device’s readings and change their settings remotely simply by logging onto Temperature@lert's secure website.  If you’re interested in trying Sensor Cloud out before widespread release, send an email to to become a Beta Tester.  Please include a brief description of how you're using your Temperature@lert USB.

Protect your home during the winter!

As the cold winter continues, home owners have found Temperature@lert to be an invaluable tool in making sure their homes are safe from the cold. Instead of burdening neighbors with ensuring the heat in your vacant home stays on and your pipes don’t freeze, Temperature@lert solutions can help.
We suggest either the WiFi or the Cellular Edition for vacation home applications.  While some homeowners use our USB Edition for this purpose, most homeowners do not leave a computer running when they are away from home; therefore the USB Edition is not able to operate.  The WiFi Edition requires an operating WiFi network to work properly, while the Cellular Edition requires a cellular carrier signal. Both the WiFi and the Cellular can monitor one or two locations with the addition of a second temperature sensor cable for the second location.

Both the WiFi and Cellular Editions can be configured to send email alerts when the temperature surpasses the set temperature threshold.  The Cellular Edition is noted by customers as “very easy to set up and use” through a convenient webpage, Temperature@lert’s Sensor Cloud, where sensor reports and histories are stored. Operation requires a cost-effective monthly subscription plan which provides the ability to send text and phone message alerts for multiple temperature alert levels and to multiple recipients. More importantly, Cellular Edition has a built-in battery back-up so when the AC charger power goes off, a common occurrence in remote vacation home settings, the unit will continue to operate and send messages. Cellular Edition also has an alert for AC Power Sensing which will send a message when AC power is interrupted, providing an additional warning of potential problems. 
Don’t let the bitter cold of winter force you to invest time and money into costly home repairs. Check out Temperature@lert’s products and find the right solution for your home monitoring needs!

New White Paper: "Considerations for temperature sensor deployment in critical environments"

"Why is temperature monitoring important? Where should temperature probes be placed to get the most accurate readings?" Our new white paper, Considerations for temperature sensor deployment in critical environments, addresses these questions while taking into consideration different applications such as homes, refrigeration, and server rooms.  Click here to read this white paper.

Product Spotlight: NIST Certified Probes

While our probes are known to be within +/- 0.5 degrees C of the actual temperature, some applications, such as ISO certifications, require that that our probes accuracy be tested and documented. To meet these customers’ needs Temperature@lert has NIST certified temperature probes and combination temperature/humidity probes.

For information and pricing on NIST Certifications, please contact us at