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April 2012 Newsletter, Vol. 4, No. 3

Tip: The 10 Worst Places for Your Device (Not Your Sensor)

Often we are approached and asked for recommendations on where your Temperature@lert device can actually be placed. Of course, there are always new and unique ways to use your device via different sensors and enclosures. Being innovative is a trait Temperature@lert prides itself on so we always want to find a way to meet unique user needs. So here's some of the popular ones we've been asked about along with some solutions:

(1) Chicken Coop
Growers have to keep their chickens warm during cold days and nights. With factors such as the number of chickens, sunlight, ground heat, and other electrical devices to take into consideration, growers have a lot on their plate. However, chickens tend to peck everything they come into contact with, not to mention the feathers that gravitate towards electrical devices.

WIFI or Cellular Device + Ruggedized Temperature Sensor + NEMA Enclosure = Prosperous, happy, healthy chickens

(2) All Animal Barns
Chickens are smaller than steer and other larger barn animals; therefore, one must take into account whether the animal could stomp our Temperature@lert device into itty bitty pieces.

WIFI or Cellular Device + Ruggedized Temperature Sensor + NEMA Enclosure (Mounted on a Wall) = Well-maintained large barn animals

(3) Sauna
Relaxation is the key purpose of a sauna, but one must maintain it at the perfect temperature, in order to reach maximum relief. The device itself can't be put inside the sauna because at 120°F, lithium ion batteries stop functioning correctly, so keep it outside of your steamy sanctuary. It's hard to be relaxed when you're concerned about fluctuating temperatures!

WIFI or Cellular Device + Stainless Steel Tip Temperature Sensor = Relaxed body & restful mind knowing your temperature is monitored

(4) Freezer
Of course our sensors can go in your freezer or fridge to monitor the temperature. We have standard, stainless steel tip, and extended range sensors for all your different applications. We can make custom lengths so your sensors will be able to reach your device. Just remember that the backup battery for your Cellular device cannot recharge below 23°F, so keep the device away from the cold.

WIFI or Cellular Device placed outside of the freezer + Stainless Steel Tip Sensor ran inside the Freezer = No frozen device + Well-monitored frozen items

(5) Refrigerator Truck
Breaking or even interrupting the Cold Chain is the fear of many suppliers relying on refrigerated-trucks. In order to provide the right storage of everything ranging from agricultural produce to pharmaceuticals, the driver is responsible for properly monitoring the temperature. However, how does one monitor a refrigerated truck cabin without placing the device inside that refrigerated cabin?

Cellular Device inside Driver's Cabin + Stainless Steel Tip Temperature Sensor ran inside Refrigerated Cabin = Happy trucking + Well monitored goods

(6) Strapped to a BBQ Smoker
Smoked meats, cheeses, and whiskey are a summer favorite for many. However, in order to make sure your foods and beverages are smoked properly, monitoring the temperature is essential to making that perfect smokey taste. Whether you're cold smoking, hot smoking, smoke roasting, or smoke baking you would need to monitor the temperature closely so that you can achieve your desired flavor.

Cellular Device + NEMA Enclosure (to protect the device) + Expanded Range Temperature Sensor = Non-melted device nearby your Smoker of preference (Offset, UDS, Vertical Water, Propane, Smoke Box, or Commercial Smoke House) + Tasty smokey flavor achievement

(7) Lightning
As awesome as Sensor Cloud sounds, it does not monitor lightning. None of our products, virtual or physical, should be placed near lightning. Lightning is detrimental to the device and sensor. Especially if it's Cloud-to-Ground Lightning which often results in small fires.

Keep your device & sensor far away from lightning strikes BUT a Pressure Sensor could help to predict inclement weather (compatible with our Cellular Device)

(8) Open Fire (Bon Fires & Camp Fires)
Whenever building a fire for enjoyment or other purposes, one should always visually monitor the fire to make sure that they can handle a fire of that magnitude. Whether you're building a Tipi, Lean-To, or Log Cabin fire your device can still melt or catch on fire if placed in too close of a proximity to the fire. If the flames are anything more than just visibly red (980°F) then your Temperature@lert Expanded Range Temperature Sensor would melt and probably catch on fire.

Keep your device & sensor far away from fire AND visually monitor the fire

(9) Incinerator (Thermal Treatments)
As noted previously, your device can melt and burn. If you thought about the type of damage an open fire could do to your Temperature@lert device, imagine what a waste management thermal treatment plant's incinerator could do to it.

Keep your device & sensor far away from fire AND keep yourself at a safe distance from the incinerator

(10) Explosives Chamber
It's someone's job to have to monitor explosives. Obviously in 99.9% of the cases where an explosion occurs, your device and sensor are destroyed or at least severely damaged. However, monitoring the temperature of such explosive materials is crucial in order for proper storage of such hazardous materials.

Cellular Device + Certified Spark Proof Temperature Sensor = Effectively monitored explosives (however your device + sensor will not survive through a direct explosion) 

Innovation is at the heart of Temperature@lert. As you can see, there are multiple uses for our devices in a number of different industries. We hope you continue to challenge us with new uses. Remember, if we don't have something on the website, don't hesitate to contact us for a recommendation ( because we're always here to help.

WIFI Version 6.21 has Launched

If your WIFI device running version 6.2 or earlier? It's time for another update then! We just recently released TM-WIFI220 FlashKit v6.2, but of course we tweaked it and now we have v6.21. Here's the changes we have added:

(1) Corrected bug with blank alarm settings page when using the device with an Ethernet based internet connection.
(2) Transition settings storage/retrieval from XML to UCI.
(3) Added support for flood sensor.
(4) Greatly increased web interface speed / response time.
(5) Internet connection detection in status.rb page has been changed to asynch load so as not to cause entire page to hang when there is not internet access.
(6) Various SNMP bug fixes.
(7) Limit bug fix

*Added support for flood sensor works only with TM-WIFI220s SOLD AFTER January 20th, 2012. Please check the back of your WIFI device to see if it says "Rev A 2.5" to see if your device supports the flood sensor. If you have anything prior to 2.5, you can send it back to us for an update.

You can download the latest software here: TM-WIFI220 FlashKit V6.21

Please make sure to follow the instructions inside the download kit. If you have any questions or issues, please e-mail

New Smart Sensor for Wind Speed is Released

Temperature@lert (, a leading provider of real-time, cloud-based environmental monitoring solutions designed to enable businesses to mitigate temperature and critical parameter related disasters, announces the release of their wind speed smart sensor adapter for Maximum Commercial Instruments’ anemometer. The wind speed probe is the second product in Temperature@lert’s industrial series for customers seeking to monitor and receive alerts on environmental conditions in severe situations.

The wind speed probe allows one to be alerted before a radiation frost can even occur. Radiation frost occurs when a clear sky and calm winds (less than 5 mph) allow an inversion to develop, and temperatures near the surface drop below freezing.  The measurement of wind speed is significant in the prevention of radiation frost, which causes economic damage when it destroys plants or hanging fruits. This probe not only monitors the wind speed for radiation frost but Temperature@lert’s software allows for multiple threshold alerts, thus permitting the user to be able to set different ranges for monitoring a variety of frosts and freezes.  The monitoring of wind speed accompanies the soil moisture probe released by Temperature@lert last month.

Brett Niver, CEO of Irrigation Automation, thinks that "With the addition of Wind Speed as well as other environmental sensors, our IAS@lert family of remote monitoring and alerting products can provide even greater value for the Agricultural market.  These products are providing environmental data which both growers and researchers are using to produce their crops with much greater efficiency than otherwise possible.  Our partnership with Temperature@lert has enabled us to bring this technology in to new markets much more quickly than otherwise possible."

Harry Schechter, CEO and President of Temperature@lert, believes that the "wind speed probe used in conjunction with Temperature@lert's Cellular Editions allow for the continued success of our industrial smart sensor series, especially with the growing popularity of our soil moisture probe. Industrial users are very excited to see us expand in the agricultural market for smart sensors". 

Temperature@lert continues to lead the generation of smart plug-and-play sensors. Their devices instantly knows what sensors are connected and automatically reconfigures the cloud-based logging and alerting system to display the new sensor properly. This allows the user to connect any sensor to any port, any time.

You can check out the wind speed sensor here or email us for more information.

Friday the 13th Promotion

Did you know that an estimated 17 to 21 million people in the United States have a fear of Friday the 13th? Well have no fear, luckily Temperature@lert is here to save you this Friday the 13th. Starting April 13, 2012, Temperature@lert will offer 13% off any new sensor purchase (temperature, temperature/humidity, or flood sensor) through the month of April.

Just enter in promo code:  FRI41312 after you place your sensor of choice into your basket.

*Limit One Discount Per User

Feel free to contact us for more information regarding this April Promotion.