What Makes Temperature@lert Tick?

#1 Above and Beyond the Call of Duty

All employees go above and beyond with their respect for one another and with their daily work. Everyone puts forth that extra 10% not just when needed, but every day. Our customers deserve no less than 110%. 110% is not just a number to us, its an expectation, a standard that all employees must live by.

110% signifies our effort and support for our customers. It is because of this 110% that customers trust us protecting their equipment. They know that our product works and will work as specified.

#2 Change is Welcomed

This is no secret: change drives innovation. We love innovation and are on the leading edge of the remote temperature monitor industry. Through innovation we are able to grow our company both product-wise and personnel-wise.

It is because of change that we have been able to build such a loyal customer group, always coming back for more products and additional services. We have been so fortunate to have been able to craft a strategy so closely linked with the wants and needs of our customers.

Change also requires flexibility. You will not be stuck in a cubicle all day. You may be pulled away from your analysis or spreadsheets due to phone calls or operational tasks that take precedent. We feel that flexibility fosters personal growth and learning within the company.

#3 Passionate and Friendly

We embrace passion and require that all employees be passionate about their everyday work and lives. Passion drives thinking which drives stimulation and ultimately drives change and innovation. The greatest aspect of passion is that it is easily noticed by co-workers and customers alike through discussions, interactions, even emails.

Being friendly is of utmost importance because it drives cooperation, it drives loyalty, and most importantly it drives unity. Everybody here must be on the same page in order to lead this company into the next generation of products and services.

#4 Open Communication

Open communication is the heart of this company. Employees are transparent with one another with regard to every aspect of the company. We are also transparent to our customers. We believe transparency facilitates customer learning about our products and services. Transparency also facilitates trust between customers and our company. Trust is paramount to anything else in this industry.

Internally, employees are constantly engaging in discussions about anything and everything. We talk about our lives, our favorite sports teams, and about our job. It is difficult calling a job here "work" mainly due to the open and cordial atmosphere that everyone has fostered here. While we do get work done daily, it is important to communicate openly with everyone so as to get a better understanding of hobbies, passions, etc.

#4 Less is Actually More

While our interactions with each other may seem casual, we understand that we are focused towards bettering the business. We believe in putting forth the extra effort in every area (from operations to marketing) to get tasks done right.

There is continual improvement here which allows us to digest criticism from customers and co-workers alike. We are constantly looking for ways to improve each aspect of our business and respect the insights offered. It's from these insights that we are able to find ways to innovate and better serve our customers as well as improve as a company.

Settling is not a word used often around here. We are always finding ways to exceed status quo. We are always trying to stay ahead of the curve, raising the level of competition around the industry.

#5 Be Proactive

Our customers tend to be proactive in monitoring their temperature fluctuations prior to a system meltdown. We ask for the same proactive attitude of our employees. We need to be proactive in order to stay ahead of the competition in the industry.

We also give learning opportunities to those who wish to learn more outside of their area of expertise. We believe that a desire to learn is a sign of passion for the company.

#6 Be Humble

As a company, we have had many successes. These successes were not achieved overnight and have required much effort. Given that, we must remain level-headed and understand that there are greater goals in sight. As a company, we can not afford to be arrogant or short-sighted because of our successes. Instead, we need to remain focused and maintain our current attitude in order to grow this company.

#7 Accountability with Some Flare

Accountability is important to the inner workings of our culture. At some point, someone internally is going to depend on the work you produce. Whether it be planning, analysis, strategy, or operations, someone is depending on your task to be completed with accuracy.

Now you are probably wondering how can accountability have flare. Well, Accountability with Flare allows employees to individualize their work while maintaining our corporate identity. This is a great opportunity because employees have a positive influence on the company identity as well as their own identity. This fosters a sense of ownership to the company and enforces them to continually better themselves through their work.

Everybody's work here is equally important and we want you to succeed here with us, so we ask you to do the work like you always have and let us help you along the way if ever needed.

#8 Tech Support is Everybody's Job

You’ve heard the old saying “sales is everybody’s job”? At Temperature@lert, technical support is everybody’s job. We understand that everyone has different levels of Technical knowledge. We also understand that at times glitches/problems can get the best of anybody and cause frustration, even anger.

Well, fret not customer! All of our customer support is in-house and EVERY employee gets in on the fun! We honestly believe that customer support is the best method for us to interact with you and get to know you better. So we thank you from the bottom of our corporate heart for calling/emailing in with all your questions.

#9 There's Always a Way

Temperature@lert was literally founded in 2005 with this phrase and less than $500. Every challenge encountered along the way since then became an opportunity to find a better, faster or less expensive way to do things. Even now, when something doesn't line up as neatly as we've planned, our team knows there's always another way to get the job done.