Temperature, Humidity, and Flood Monitoring for Property Management

What if you could:

  • Automate environmental logging and eliminate manual checks/clipboards
  • Receive timely alerts by email, text message, and automated phone call
  • Prevent freezing pipes, HVAC failures, and mold from high humidity
  •  Integrate logging into BMS, PMS, and other customized management systems

The property management industry has many complex and strict environmental control processes for temperature, humidity, flood, and other conditions. A fully automated monitoring system is highly beneficial for warehouses, vacation homes, hotels, and other properties. Automated monitoring helps individuals and organizations ensure proper environmental conditions in their properties. We specialize in monitoring environmental conditions in the following areas:

  • Commercial Properties
  • Condotels
  • Hotels & Resorts
  • Condominiums and Apartments
  • Vacation Homes
  • Foreclosed Properties
  • Vacant Properties
  • RVs & Motor Homes

  • Property Management Monitoring Solutions

    Temperature@lert’s fully automated and compliant Cellular monitoring solution provides 24/7 logging, alerting, and enterprise-level functionality. Flexible wireless sensor networks also allow for seamless deployment and ease-of-use for property managers.

    Our services and features include:

    • Sensor Cloud- A Cloud-Based Management Platform 
    • Real-Time Alerts via email, text, and automated phone calls
    • Corrective Action Notation and Incident Reporting
    • Audit Logs for Inspections
    • Extended Log Storage - up to 6 years
    • Custom probes and sensors upon request (water level, tank monitoring, and more)
    • Custom integrations into BMS, PMS, and other management platforms via API

    Water Heater Monitoring

    Naturally, college dormitories are maintenance facilities. Residencies often receive numerous maintenance requests per day. As a facilities manager, it's crucial to be notified immediately of any problems with water or air temperature as they occur, before they become problems for your tenants. Moreover, keeping logs of water and air temperature throughout the facility is an invaluable resource to assure tenants that you are aware of the problem and have promptly taken appropriate action. 

    Bluefield State College Research and Development Corporation, a locally based non-profit organization that provides dormitory housing for higher education, conference room facilities, technology-based small business incubator facilities, and economic development enhancement for southern West Virginia and southwest Virginia has deployed Temperature@lert's Cellular Edition to ensure that environmental controls and necessary amenities can be easily and safely monitored by student Resident Advisors (RA's).

    Gerald James, Executive Director

    “The Temperature@lert Cellular device is a valuable tool to assure our customers that any issues with their hot water, heating, AC, or pool are immediately addressed. We now enjoy the advantages of a networked notification solution that reliably creates and sends alerts at times when issues occur without the expensive implemnentation and overhead typically associated with other systems. In the past, checking these systems involved either waiting on a report of failure from a customer, or sending a student RA around to physically check the systems. Now these systems are monitored from the front desk and the automatic alerts allow us to get an immediate start in resolving the failure”

    "In one memorable incident, a student who was concerned about hot water temperature in his room was able to be shown immediately that the water temperature in the hot water supply system had not only been operating the morning in question, but continuously for the past several weeks. The ability to pull up the data with the student and view the graph together helped address a potentially legitimate compliant, but more importantly, assured the student that our operations were being continuously monitored and when problems arise, we are notified and can address them right away."

    Utility Room & Closet Monitoring

    Saint Credit Property Services requested Temperature@lert's help in maintaining and recording the temperature of over 10 utility closets for each of their properties. The temperature of these rooms affected the functionality of the entire building. Monitoring and ensuring the integrity of these utility closets significantly reduced cost and worry for Saint Credit Property Services.

    Jenny C, SDPS Associate

    “We found a need in commercial real estate to monitor the temperature of our properties. We decided to purchase the Temperature@lert Cellular device due to our remote installation location. We're using these devices to monitor the temperature of our utility rooms in our vacant properties. All of our utilities (phone, water, heat, sprinkler, etc) are in one central location. If the temperature exceeds a certain level, the entire utility system of the vacant property would be destroyed. Replacing or fixing these utility lines would cost lots of money and time. The device was easy to install and use, and we now have upwards of 10 Cellular Units in each of our properties. So far, our experience with Temperature@lert has been fantastic.”

    Pipe Freeze Monitoring

    When Tom started looking at way to ensure that the pipes in his Michigan vacation home didn't freeze over the dormant winter, he noticed a major problem with existing monitoring products. Most devices required either internet access or a phone line to function properly. 

    When a winter storm rolls through and knocks out power and phone lines, the rural vacation home spots are usually the last place to have services fully restored. 

    Tom chose the Temperature@lert Cellular device because it sends temperature readings over wireless cellular networks to Sensor Cloud. The cellular networks provide a consistent and reliable form of connectivity. Tom can log into Sensor Cloud and get real-time snapshots of conditions inside his home. If and when the power goes out, the Cellular device immediately transitions to backup battery power, and continues regular operation thereafter.

    Tom W, Second Home Owner, Chicago, IL

    “I am very pleased with my purchase of the cellular temperature monitor. I looked at a number of other remote temperature monitoring systems, but in my view, Temperature@lert is by far the most reliable and cost effective solution for people that require temperature monitoring of a vacation property or second residence.  The device has consistently performed well since the day it was activated. I remain a loyal and happy customer!"