Compliance logging and alerting for medical storage:

· Medical supplies must be stored within strict temperature ranges or be forced to be disposed of, costing millions of dollars.

· WiFi and Cellular Edition products provide temperature compliance logging and alarms before a temperature change or refrigerator failure can cause damage to your vaccines or medical supplies.

· Email, SMS, and phone messages can be sent when temperatures reach warning levels while log files are maintained for historical purposes.

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ZPoint Cellular Edition (TM-CELL400-Z)

Temperature@lert ZPoint Cellular Edition monitors the ambient air temperature and sends email, text message, or phone call alerts when the temperature exceeds the user-determined limits. The unit is simple to install... Learn More


Temperature@lert Wifi TM-WIFI350

WiFi Edition (TM-WIFI350)

Temperature@lert’s standalone WiFi-enabled sensor monitors the ambient air temperature and emails you when the server room or other enclosed space gets too hot or cold. The unit doesn’t require a PC to run... Learn More



Additional options include humidity sensors, stainless steel tipped probes, buffer vials, expanded range (-200°C) temperature sensors, various cable lengths, NIST certifications, and more.

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Ensuring GMP in Biotech

In order to maintain Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), biotech companies must guarantee that their products have been maintained in strictly controlled environments. This often requires a significant expense in the implementation and overhead for advanced environmental monitoring systems. Temperatur@lert’s Cellular Edition provides this security along with advanced alerting options at a fraction of the cost.

San Diego based Advantar Laboratories Inc. has integrated Temperature@lert’s Cellular Edition into most of their critical freezers, refrigerators, and environmental control chambers for monitoring their business critical inventory of peptides, proteins, and oligonucleotides. The cellular temperature sensors provide Advantar with cost-effective alarm notification communication system for GMP-compliant controlled temperatures systems, which reduces the response time to take action to either move temperature sensitive samples to back up storage and/or to repair sample storage cabinets.

John Alaimo, Sr. VP Technical Operations

"Temperature@lert's Cellular Edition is a valuable tool to assure our customers that their materials and samples are protected. We now enjoy the advantages of a networked alarm notification solution that reliably creates and sends alerts at times when our customers' clinical product or long term stability samples may be in danger without expensive implementation and overhead typically associated with other systems."

Worry Free Medicine Cooling

Managing and operating a pediatric clinic involves much attention to detail.  One of the most important aspects of managing day-to-day operations is ensuring that our medicinal inventory is well-supplied and maintained.  Most clinics, at any time during the week, will have millions of dollars invested in their medicinal inventory.  It is critical to maintain the integrity of each inventory item so as to effectively treat patients.

Keokuk County Health Center turned to Temperature@lert for help in monitoring their valuable and life-saving inventory.  They installed various WiFi devices near every refrigerator and freezer that contained medicine and vaccines.  Each temperature probe is placed in a vial of food grade glycol that serves as a buffer to ensure that their storage units maintained appropriate temperatures.  The moment any of the devices report excessive temperature, KCHC’s IT team is on site managing the problem.

Matt Ives, CTO

“We purchased Temperature@lert’s WiFi device because of the ease of setup, the cost-effectiveness, and our probe locations.  We do not have space for a laptop at every refrigerator and our wireless setup is secure so that our temperature information is safe.  It is easier for us to check the temperature over the wireless network.  We now send nightly temperature alerts via email to all of those monitoring the temperature of our medicines. My experience with your product has been amazing.  Customer service has been extremely helpful and they are always willing to fix bugs or help us rewrite some code.  We foresee purchasing more WiFi devices from Temperature@lert and have been recommending your device to other clinics in the United States.”

H1N1 Needs Our Help

H1N1 is spreading quickly and fiercely across the world. Everything is being done in order to best remedy the situation. While demand for drugs like Tami-Flu and vaccines for the flu are at an all time high, supply for each of these products is low. Since supply is low, it is of utmost importance to monitor and protect our current cache of vaccines.

Pediatric Physicians, PC understands this reality all too well. They have recently installed Temperature@lert's cellular device to monitor the refrigeration temperature every 12 hours. They needed a device that would monitor the temperature in a timely fashion with accurate results.

Jose A De Uriotse

"We are an H1N1 site. Per their contract we are required to record refrigerator temperatures every 12 hours. [It is just] not practical without your device."