Automated logging & alerting for critical processes:

· Industrial processes are designed to work smoothly and efficiently. Despite this, things could happen that can lead to product loss, decreased production, or damaged equipment.

· USB, WiFi, and Cellular Edition products provide automatic monitoring and alerting to help protect critical products and operations.

· Email, SMS, and phone messages can be sent when temperatures reach warning levels while log files are maintained for historical purposes.

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ZPoint Cellular Edition (TM-CELL400-Z)

Temperature@lert ZPoint Cellular Edition monitors the ambient air temperature and sends email, text message, or phone call alerts when the temperature exceeds the user-determined limits. The unit is simple to install... Learn More


Temperature@lert Wifi TM-WIFI350

WiFi Edition (TM-WIFI350)

Temperature@lert’s standalone WiFi-enabled sensor monitors the ambient air temperature and emails you when the server room or other enclosed space gets too hot or cold. The unit doesn’t require a PC to run... Learn More



USB TM-STD30, Server Room Temperature Monitoring Systems

USB Edition (TM-STD30)

Temperature@lert’s USB Edition is a low-cost, reliable temperature monitoring device ideally suited to server rooms. This product monitors the ambient air temperature, connects to Windows servers, and is capable of sending alerts via email... Learn More


Additional options include humidity sensors, flood sensors, stainless steel tipped probes, expanded range (-200°C to 600°C) temperature sensors, various cable lengths, NIST certifications, and more.

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Plant Supervision Not Required

Measuring temperature in industrial plants, similarly like in server rooms, is crucial for maximizing the efficiency of machines and employees.  Finding a durable temperature probe that can resist high heat levels while accurately recording temperatures is important in a wide variety of industrial applications.

Company Confidential needed to monitor the temperature of their server rooms and industrial plants.  They valued durability, accuracy, and ease of setup as the most important aspects of a monitoring device. 

Jeff Monroe, CTO

“We decided to try your product on a trial basis to test the alert system.  We purchased the USB device based on the locations where we were using our devices.  We are a government agency and do not have as much WiFi availability as other agencies.  Since the trial, we have purchased another 15 USB devices. We have received numerous alerts via email from your device.  Then we can send someone to any of our locations quickly. 

At the beginning, it was a little difficult to set up our thresholds because we had never really monitored our temperature before.  We now receive alerts from any of our 16 Temperature@lert USB devices somewhat regularly when there is a change to the temperature by our Air Cooling units.

We have had really great experiences with Temperature@lert’s USB product.  They are extremely durable.  Customer service is top notch and wouldn't change anything with the device or service.  We love the cost effectiveness of the Temperature@lert USB device and believe it is just as good if not better than other devices.  When it comes to both quality and quantity, Temperature@lert is ahead of the competition.“

Oil and Gas, Oh My!

Oil and gas are natural resources that constantly need their temperature monitored. From the moment it comes up from the ground to the time it is placed in a storage tank, constant temperature monitoring is crucial to the health of the resource.  For example, if the temperature of the natural resource is too low, water condensation can ruin large reserves. This often leads to the need for additional refinement processes in order to meet set quality and emissions standards.

BP Exploration Alaska Inc is one of these companies that understands the importance of monitoring the temperature of their resources. They believe in getting it right the first time around without the need to waste time and money to "fix" bad batches of their drilled resources. BP uses our Temperature@lert WiFi device to ensure that their resources maintain a healthy temperature.

Bob White, Engineering Manager

"I'm an engineering manager in the oil and gas industry in Alaska, and we have a lot of need for remote temperature sensing and transmission. You have a good product and your kind of technical support is what creates repeat customers.

You now have a good customer who will recommend your products to everyone I know with a potential use."