Monitoring for efficiency and occupant comfort:

electronic temperature sensor, ethernet temperature sensor
· Build performance by monitoring to prevent energy inefficiency and increase occupant comfort.

· USB, WiFi, and Cellular Edition products provide temperature logging and alarms for occupant comfort, ROI calculations, and energy efficiency.

· Email, SMS, and phone messages can be sent when temperatures reach warning levels while log files are maintained for historical purposes.

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ZPoint Cellular Edition (TM-CELL400-Z)

Temperature@lert ZPoint Cellular Edition monitors the ambient air temperature and sends email, text message, or phone call alerts when the temperature exceeds the user-determined limits. The unit is simple to install... Learn More


Temperature@lert Wifi TM-WIFI350

WiFi Edition (TM-WIFI350)

Temperature@lert’s standalone WiFi-enabled sensor monitors the ambient air temperature and emails you when the server room or other enclosed space gets too hot or cold. The unit doesn’t require a PC to run... Learn More



USB TM-STD30, Server Room Temperature Monitoring Systems

USB Edition (TM-STD30)

Temperature@lert’s USB Edition is a low-cost, reliable temperature monitoring device ideally suited to server rooms. This product monitors the ambient air temperature, connects to Windows servers, and is capable of sending alerts via email... Learn More


Additional options include humidity sensors, stainless steel tipped probes, expanded range (-200°C to 600°C) temperature sensors, various cable lengths, NIST certifications, and more.

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Don't Let Light Get In Your Way

Windows are very complicated structures.  On one hand, they are a great source of light and energy for a building's interior space.  On the other hand, they can be an energy sinkhole.  Without the proper measurements and controls, windows can have large escapes of either heated or cooled air, which lead to significant increases in heating/cooling costs.

Billy develops and tests window films for 3M.  His job is to ensure that his window film reduces the amount of heat coming in from the windows.  This allows companies to reduce their cooling costs dramatically.  Billy uses Temperature@lert Cellular device as a means to test his window films.  He uses two devices: 1) on a window with no film and 2) on a window with film.  While our data is of importance to Billy, he values our ease of setup and intuitive design.

Billy P., 3M

"We have to pick up our other temperature loggers, take them to the computer, and then download the data.  Our temperature loggers that we currently use have to be physically connected to a computer to download the data.  Temperature@lert Cellular edition allows us to easily view reports and data on a computer without having to move the device.  We can then show customers the report that your cellular device provides without the hassle of moving loggers from place to place.

I like your device.  The price is right and has lots of functionality. I like the fact that Temperature@lert is simple, no programming required.  All I need to do is plug it in and it goes.  I can't screw this up!"