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  • Temperature@lert Integrates with Cacti

    Here at Temperature@lert, we really love integrations. So we were ecstatic to hear about a new one for Cacti from our Twitter follower @cturra. Cacti is an open-source, web-based network monitoring and graphing tool used as an industry-standard data logging tool RRDtool. @cturra developed it for WIFI users for both temperature and temperature/humidity monitoring.

    Of course we had to inquire about this because integrations really just open the possibilities of open source graphing for our WIFI users. So we reached out to Chris to find out more:

    "We had purchased a number of Temperature@lert WiFi Edition devices for each offices 'network closet' and in each cage in our data centers. We had an extensive Cacti setup for monitoring a number of services already, so it seemed like a logical location to collect and graph information about temperatures for each location. By integrating our Temperature@lert with Cacti we were able to use our standard alerting/reporting mechanisms. Plus, it was cool to watch and trend the graphs over time :) Attached is a snapshot of how the graphs look in Cacti."


    Want to monitor/graph your Temperature@lert WIFI device in Cacti? Check it out: https://github.com/cturra/temp-alert-cacti. Thanks Chris for the awesome integration and allowing us to share with our users! 

    Anyone else with integrations? Please contact us directly at info@temperaturealert.com because we'd love to hear about it! 

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