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  • Things I Can't Carry: The True Value of a Smartphone

    Things I Can't Carry: The True Value of a Smartphone

    LinkedIn has an interesting theme running with a few posts titled “Things I carry”. Still, the pockets, briefcases, and purses of today hold many of the same classic “contents” of the past. But where are the differences? The answer is simple: the cell phone. We don’t need to marvel at the cellular telephone as though it’s the 8th wonder of the world, but we’ll admit that smartphones are quite amazing nonetheless. They’re so amazing, in fact, that virtually every one of us carries a smartphone to work, to the gym, to the corner store, and even to the restroom. Fact is, these little boxes are windows, windows that gaze into our lives at every possible angle. From social networks to bank accounts, we can peer into our highly interconnected world.

    The focus on “Things I Carry” can be juxtaposed with “Things I don’t carry”. We don’t carry our bank accounts in our pocket; we carry a window into our account details and status. We don’t carry our social networks in hand; we carry a lens into our friendship circles and connections. The concrete device interacts with these abstract connections, our precious bank accounts and social networks, and gives us peace of mind about our connectivity and awareness. In short, we have access to important details and information (about our lives) at the touch of an app.

    comic courtesy of http://www.kipandgary.com/

    With that in mind, a carried smartphone is a safety net for the things that cannot be carried. Take a server room for example. You cannot carry your server racks to work or to the gym. The things we carry give us peace of mind, but how can we have peace of mind about a server rack that is immobile? How can we gain awareness of the critical information (for a failure or overheating rack for instance) without the server in our briefcase or pocket? If you have any critical piece of infrastructure how is ‘peace of mind’ even possible while the equipment sits alone in an office or warehouse? If it cannot be carried, how can it be monitored?

    Herein lies the hidden value of a smartphone and the “Things it carries”. While the smartphone does not enable (or encourage) me to physically carry my server rack in my briefcase, I am able to tap into the information and status reports from the actual source. By carrying my smartphone, in essence, I can remotely “carry” my infrastructure and be alerted to faults, failures, and other issues by means of a notification. Our iPhone and Android applications for Sensor Cloud follow the same theme; by carrying a smartphone application tied to a stationary system, customers can have peace of mind about their mission critical systems. From commercial freezers, to vaccine storage units, to even a home temperature monitor, a carried smartphone brings status updates and critical events that were only historically available on-site.The mobile device (tablet, smartphone, etc) monitors the immobile devices that we consider crucial to our businesses. The age of remote access is truly upon us, and as a result, alert waves and information streams are as efficient as ever.

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  • Harry Schechter, CEO of Temperature@lert, on Presenting at GLOBALCON

    Last week, Harry Schechter spoke at GLOBALCON on March 7th, 2012 in Atlantic City on "Fault Tolerant Environmental Monitoring Systems Employing WiFi and Cellular Technology in Combination with Cloud Based Logging and Alert Services". This conference's focus was on those involved in the energy field in regards to new technology and strategies.

    From WiFi devices to Cellular devices, Harry explained how it was important to baseline your device for efficient monitoring. After all, one should understand the environment they're monitoring because each room has their own micro-climate. There's a typical behavior pattern that occurs within each of these micro-climates and by baselining one can determine the proper range for their monitoring purposes.

    By integrating your Temperature@lert device with Sensor Cloud, this opens up a door to even more possibilities with monitoring. Sensor Cloud allows the user to be able to monitor remotely. There is also a display map that shows current conditions for all your various devices in varied locations. This is especially useful for those who monitor all over the country. Not to mention the apps for Android and iPhone are available for free download and allows you to monitor from your smart phone.

    Temperature@lert provides cost effective, remote temperature sensing. This is all possible with digital sensors combined with WiFi and Cellular data communication. These systems are dependent on robust power and communication infrastructure. Cloud based data logging and alerting algorithms provide bring fault tolerant security to small and mid sized businesses and individual homeowners.

    Harry thoroughly enjoyed speaking at GLOBALCON and looks forward to spreading the message on the importance of environmental monitoring. If you would like to learn more about this subject, including case studies, please check out our e-book: http://www.temperaturealert.com/Remote-Temperature/Sensor-Cloud-e-Book.aspx

    For more information on the topics presented at the conference: http://www.globalconevent.com/program/2012globalconprogram.html

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  • Last Chance to Tell Us Your Temperature@lert Wants & Needs

    Missed our February Newsletter? Well don't miss your chance to give us your opinions and thoughts...

    Innovation is our passion and we want to know what you truly want and need from our products and services. We understand that you have a busy schedule, but we need your input. If you take our quick five-question one-minute survey, we will reward you with a Starbucks gift card*. Not only will you get to share your opinions but you can get some delicious coffee as well.

    Let Us Know Your Thoughts: February 2012 Newsletter Survey

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  • Android Smartphone Users now have Temperature@lert App

    Temperature@lert Cellular, WiFi and USB Edition Sensor Cloud subscribers who use Android smartphones can now enjoy the ease and convenience of checking in on their devices with our latest tool, the Temperature@lert Android App.  It's free and easy to use.  And most of all, it's based on over two years of history with our iPhone app and comes with all the experience and learning that comes with it.  To read the full press release and find a link to the app, go to our Press Room page at Link to full Press Release and App Link .

    And if you're a customer and not yet using our low cost, secure server based Sensor Cloud service for alert notifications including SMS text and voice, drop us a not at info@temperaturealert.com and we'll get back to you with the details.

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