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  • Temperature@lert Surpasses Over $1 Billion in Assets Protected

    Temperature@lert, a leading provider of low-cost, high-performance temperature monitoring products, is now protecting over $1 Billion of customer assets.  Temperature@lert's mission is to provide companies and individuals with remote monitoring and alerting of temperature and other environmental conditions to alleviate customer worries about system malfunctions or product damage due to changes in temperature or other environmental conditions. 

    Temperature@lert was founded and funded in 2005 by CEO Harry Schechter in Washington, D.C. with the USB Edition as their first temperature-monitoring device developed. Currently Temperature@lert’s central office is located in Boston, MA and their current product and service offerings include: USB Edition, WiFi Edition, Cellular Edition, Solar Cellular Edition, and Sensor Cloud. Several of their products and services have won awards ranging from the MITX Innovation Awards to the American Business Awards’ Gold Stevie.

    Temperature@lert’s award-winning devices have aided users in major industries spanning from Information Technology (IT) to Biopharmaceuticals and Medical to Commercial Refrigeration.  Clients include Abbott Laboratories, Microsoft, Apple, Heil Environmental, Merck Corporation, University of Connecticut, Vanderbilt University, and University of Pennsylvania to name a few.

    “By giving 110% personally and having established a talented team willing to do the same, Temperature@lert has successfully grown in both research & development and users over the past eight years,” says CEO & President, Harry Schechter. “We now protect over $1 Billion of customer assets with over 40,000 devices in 50 countries with the world’s easiest to use solution. Temperature@lert’s mission to monitor environmental conditions and prevent problems related to such conditions is truly being realized and fulfilled. We strive to keep innovating and alleviating environmental conditions related disasters globally.”

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  • Temperature@lert Releases Its Latest Generation Weatherproof Cellular Edition

    Temperature@lert has released its latest generation weatherproof, cellular, solar-powered alerting system that enables farmers and agriculturalists to monitor crop temperature, water consumption, soil quality, and other environmental conditions remotely via email, text messaging, and/or voice messages. Temperature@lert’s Solar Cellular Edition has won MITX Innovations Awards as well as a Gold Stevie Award from the American Business Awards.
    Using GSM cellular phone networks, Temperature@lert Solar Cellular Edition provides 24/7 monitoring to provide out of range temperature alerts to you via emails, text messages, and/or a telephone call. It will also alert you when the temperature returns to normal. Rechargeable batteries provide power when it’s dark or overcast for up to four weeks. Their fault- tolerant design means if their system ever fails to hear from the device, they'll alert you right away that something's not quite right. Plug-and-Play Smart Sensor options include Temperature, Humidity, Soil Moisture and Wind Speed. An optional contact closure output can replace one of the sensors.
    The TM-CELL540-S incorporates the progressive features of the previous generation device with new innovative capabilities to make it the most user-friendly, cost-effective Solar Cellular environmental monitor on the market today. These include:
    (1)  Four Sensor Input Capability – Notably reduces cost per sensor
    (2)  Quick Disconnect Sensor Ports – Significantly easier to change sensors
    (3)  High Efficiency Solar Panel – Allows cellular device to use energy more effectively & increased charging speed
    (4)  Four Light Pipes – Better diagnostics (Status, Battery, Warning, Failure)
    (5)  Weatherproof Power Button – Adds extra durability to power button
    (6)  Extended Battery Capacity – Enhanced battery life
    (7)  Updated Software – Works with variety of industrial & agricultural sensors

    TM-CELL540-SQuick Disconnect
    The new TM-CELL540-S continues the success of the previous generation features including:
    (1)  Easy to set up & use – just power it on & it begins monitoring
    (2)  Set and send alerts for multiple thresholds for a variety of sensors – provides an easy method to implement an escalation strategy based on several conditions
    (3)  Send multiple email, text, and voice messages for each threshold and notification type – allows those who are affected by potential problems to take corrective action in a timely fashion
    (4)  Solar powered – lets internal batteries recharge in remote locations where power supply may not be otherwise available
    (5)  Ruggedized 12’ Temperature Sensor – weatherproof sensor to withstand outdoor conditions
    (6)  Communication via mobile network – no phone lines or internet needed to operate the device
    (7)  Over the air updates – device automatically updates without any assistance

    The continued innovation and growth in reach and functionality demonstrates this device’s traction, as well as Temperature@lert’s understanding of, and dedication to, finding the perfect solution to their customers’ needs. “The latest generation of the Solar Cellular Edition meets the dynamic needs of our users, while still remaining tough enough to operate under extreme weather conditions. Additionally the Solar Cellular device is a must for large, outdoor operations such as commercial farming, energy efficiency, green energy monitoring, property management, and for a number of our other industrial customers. The solar-powered option means customers are no longer tethered to any power or communication grid allowing for remote monitoring where it was not possible before,” said Harry Schechter, President and CEO of Temperature@lert.
    For more information about Temperature@lert’s latest Solar Cellular Edition, please visit www.temperaturealert.com.

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  • From Cryogenics to BBQ Smokers: Expanded Range Temperature Sensor Launches Today

    What do cryogenic freezers, solar thermal collection systems, BBQ smokers, and astronaut ice cream makers all have in common? 

    They all require temperature monitoring in extreme temperature ranges. With today's release of our Expanded Range Temperature Sensor, this accessory is an excellent addition to either the Cellular, Wifi, or Solar Editions. 

    The probe measures between -200°C to +600°C. This opens the doors of possibility to monitoring critical temperature ranges for everything from biopharmaceuticals to the perfect rack of BBQ ribs. 

    For more information and photos, please review our press release:

    Temperature@lert Releases Expanded Range Temperature Sensor

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