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  • We're featured in this week's Processor Magazine front page article

    Cloud Computing and Virtualization are certainly hot topics these days.  Temperature@lert's Dave Ruede shares his views in the lead article in this week's Processor Magazine.  Read how virtualization and the cloud can impact your environmental monitoring decisions in the full article.  Link to Processor Magazine Article

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  • Monitor Critical Temperature Readings - Processor Magazine

    We were again mentioned in Processor magazine, this time about the release of our new Cellular edition temperature monitoring device!

    While the mention in Processor is brief, it definitely conveys the simplicity of our cellular device. "To begin using the Temperature@lert Cellular Edition device, simply plug it into the wall. From there, it will start relaying information via cellular data networks, and you can relax and stop worrying about the air temperature in your storage environments." I could not have said that better myself.

    Our device does more than just monitor temperatures, but that is difficult to convey in a 1-column space in a magazine (thankfully I have much more room to describe it here). Our device also has a cellular signal indicator mode that shows the signal strength of an area. One of the larger problems we preemptively solved with our cellular device was that it needed a cellular signal from a cellular provider (out of our control). We are taking control of this by allowing you to find an area with an acceptable cellular signal strength. 

    We are here to help you as we can. Please keep sending us questions and emails to info@temperaturealert.com.

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  • We Were Mentioned in Processor Magazine!

    Working hard on tasks in the T@ office requires focus and attention.  Sometimes it requires so much attention/focus that we naturally put up blinders to ignore all the outside noise that may interrupt us. 

    Now I know you are thinking, what does this at all have to do with Processor Magazine? Well, we were so busy focusing on the task at hand that one of our customers had to tell us that we were mentioned in their magazine! Hoorah! Thank you Dan for pointing this out to us!

    The mention in their magazine is pretty exciting.  I know it's just a product/benefit feature page that talks about our remote monitoring capabilites (and our ability to monitor temperatures outside of server racks) , but it is nice to see that T@'s hard work is coming to fruition. 

    It feels good to have such a great customer base that is always on the lookout for mentions of our company.  If you see any other mentions of us on the web, please email us or post a comment on our blog! We can't keep up with all these media sources ourselves!


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