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  • From Cryogenics to BBQ Smokers: Expanded Range Temperature Sensor Launches Today

    What do cryogenic freezers, solar thermal collection systems, BBQ smokers, and astronaut ice cream makers all have in common? 

    They all require temperature monitoring in extreme temperature ranges. With today's release of our Expanded Range Temperature Sensor, this accessory is an excellent addition to either the Cellular, Wifi, or Solar Editions. 

    The probe measures between -200°C to +600°C. This opens the doors of possibility to monitoring critical temperature ranges for everything from biopharmaceuticals to the perfect rack of BBQ ribs. 

    For more information and photos, please review our press release:

    Temperature@lert Releases Expanded Range Temperature Sensor

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  • Temperature@lert Expands International Support for Cellular Edition

    Leading Temperature Monitoring Solution Now Offers Mobile Support in Europe, Australia and Canada

    BOSTON, Mass. – April 11, 2011 – Temperature@lert, a leading provider of real-time, cloud-based environmental monitoring solutions designed to enable businesses to mitigate temperature-related disasters, has expanded the reach of its Cellular Edition beyond the United States into Europe, Australia and Canada. Temperature@lert’s Cellular Edition, available in the U.S. since 2008, is a cost-effective, enterprise-grade product that provides alerts to multiple parties via e-mail, text message and phone calls. Connected to a mobile network, the cellular product stays online even during a power outage, making it ideal for businesses for which temperature monitoring is a critical function.

    Temperature change is a significant threat to companies around the world, especially in data centers, biotechnology/pharmaceutical/medical facilities and companies requiring cold storage. Temperature@lert’s temperature monitoring solutions provide both real-time and historic views of a location’s temperature through alerts and cloud-based temperature records at set intervals. This allows for speedy reaction to potentially disastrous temperature fluctuations, as well as historic temperature logs for regulatory and internal reporting purposes.

    The Cellular Edition contains Sensor Cloud technology, which stores a full report of monitored temperatures in the cloud for accurate record keeping and easy access. A plug-and-play solution, monitored data appears in the cloud once the device is connected to power—no phone line or Internet connection needed. The cloud system allows the user to view current temperatures and set email, text and/or telephone alerts for multiple threshold ranges. Additionally, users can merge alerts for power loss events.

    Temperature@lert’s international expansion means that companies with locations around the globe can have a complete view of their facilities on one Sensor Cloud screen, facilitating reporting and regulatory requirements and ensuring the integrity of on-site assets. These companies will be able to provide fault-tolerant monitoring of their critical environments via cellular networks at a lower price point, as well as accommodate more parameters than ever before.

    “There is global demand for cellular-based temperature monitoring, and this expansion takes the products proven in the U.S. to key international locations,” said Harry Schechter, founder and CEO of Temperature@lert. “The need to preserve a steady temperature in at-risk areas, coupled with the potential for disaster should electricity be unavailable, make the Cellular Edition a crucial tool for the data center, as well as biotech, pharma and medical companies and commercial refrigeration assets. This is only the beginning of global availability for this battle-tested product.”

    For more information about Temperature@lert, please visit www.temperaturealert.com.

    About Temperature@lert

    Temperature@lert’s temperature monitoring solutions provide both real-time and historic views of a location’s temperature through alerts and cloud-based records of temperatures at specific intervals. This information allows customers to immediately react to potentially disastrous temperature fluctuations, as well as provide temperature consistency for regulatory and internal process control requirements. Temperature@lert has more than 10,000 devices installed in over 40 countries around the globe. For more information, please visit www.temperaturealert.com.


    Media Contact:
    Megan Lane
    SHIFT Communications
    (617) 779-1854

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  • Introducing the new TM-CELL200!

    Welcome everyone! Boy, do we have a treat for you today. Today is the official launch of our new TM-CELL200 product. This product has many new features from that of its predecessor, the TM-CELL100.  Here is a quick bullet-point list as to what this device can do:

    • Lockable temperature probes.
    • High-gain antennae.
    • ZERO installation (No SMTP, No IP adresses, No SNMP setup required!)
    • Cellular Signal Strength Checker
    • Long lasting battery that recharges each time the unit is plugged into AC power.
    • HealthCheck  will alert you if your device has stopped working or stopped sending data.
    • Web interface that shows you graphs and geolocations of each device.
    • Email, SMS, Phone call alerting if temperature is out of user's range.
    • And many many more!

    Here is a newly minted video of Harry showing off the new device.  Enjoy!


    Hi I am Harry Schechter with Temperature@lert. I am here to show you our new Temperature@lert cellular device, the TM-CELL200. This device monitors the temperature from this temperature probe, sends it to our monitoring center online and can email you, text you, or call you if your temperature goes too high or too low.

    The nice thing about this device is that there is practically zero installation required. There are no IP addresses to configure, no SMTP servers, no SNMP servers, no web site configuration. The only thing you need to do to set up TM-CELL200 is to connect the temperature sensor, then connect it to AC power.

    As soon as you connect it to power, the status light starts blinking. That means it is powered on. After a few more seconds, it will register itself on the cellular network. As soon as the status light starts blinking rapidly, that means it is transmitting data. The battery light is blinking because that indicates that the battery is being charged. The battery will last for up to 2 weeks without any AC power. The next light indicates a low wireless signal or a low battery. The unit will still operate with the warning light flashing. The failure light will light up if there is a problem reading the temperature sensor or if there is a problem communicating over the cellular network. You can see the status light has gone back to a slow blink. The warning and failure lights are not lit up.

    If you like this video let us know. If you dont like this video, please let us know. Please contact us at info@temperaturealert.com.

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