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  • Common Question of the Week - How Will I Know Temperature@lert Will Be Around in 5 Years?

    When we’re first engaging a new customer – especially on multi hundred unit wireless temperature sensor mesh network installs – we’re often asked, “How will I know you guys will be in business in 5 years?” Given today’s economic realities, I ask the same question of any vendor I’m about to purchase services from.


    The typical answers you hear today are merely an attempt to quell you into a state of false comfort. E.g., “We’re too big to fail” (we’re not) or “we’ll be acquired before we close the doors” (in this market? Unlikely) or we’re still profitable or we’re still growing and scaling up (actually, those last two are true for Temperature@lert).


    What you really should be asking me if you want to know if Temperature@lert will be around in 5 years is how quickly can you scale down? Temperature@lert will be around in 5 years for this single reason: We run an on demand business. Every aspect of this company scales up and down as customer demand necessitates. For example, our supporting IT infrastructure runs in the cloud. As load increases, we simply spill over onto more physical machines. Of course, our bills go up, but they do so in proportion to our income. In addition, we do not employ a sales force. Sales are driven by a scalable pay per click advertising model plus a vast network of resellers. For the talented folks we do hire, ramp up time for new US-based support engineers in our Cambridge, MA headquarters is considerably low because our high performance temperature monitoring products are the simplest to operate. I don’t want to give away all of our secrets for running an on demand business. So, I’ll stop there.


    Don’t get me wrong, we’re certainly not planning to scale down – we just like to be prepared for everything. After all, isn’t that why you’re considering Temperature@lert in the first place?

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