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  • Temperature@lert Moved to the Leather District!

    Temperature@lert has relocated their corporate office!  The new location is quadruple the size of our current office space.  The additional space will be used to accommodate expanded staff and operational needs.  Temperature@lert, first made the move to Boston, MA in August 2010 for additional office space and for the availability of quality employees.  The company, a recent double winner of 2012 MITX Innovation Awards, continues to grow as it develops new products and solutions for temperature and environmental monitoring in industries spanning from IT/Server Rooms to Agriculturalists.

    The new office, in the Leather District, was selected because the Innovation District does not have as much vacant office space and rents have increased considerably in the area.  Temperature@lert selected, the Leather District, because we needed more room for expansion and the rents in the area are more reasonable.  The savings in rent will be used for increased product development.  The Leather District has become a popular place of work for many start-ups. Temperature@lert joins Yesware, Tracelytics and Abroad 101 in the Leather District.  The new address is:
    108 Lincoln Street, BA
    Boston, MA 02111

    “We are excited to have to move to larger office space as it shows that there is a demand and need for our products”, said Harry Schechter, CEO and President of Temperature@lert. “The Leather District provides us with the additional space we need and we also like the idea of being with other start-ups, it makes for a more stimulating environment.  Our business has continued to grow steadily, with continued interest for our products to monitor server room temperatures and new interest from the bio-pharmaceutical industry, for monitoring vaccines and drug temperatures and the commercial refrigeration industry, where we have seen schools use our products to monitor the refrigeration in school cafeterias.  Our products help both of these industries meet government regulations for environmental and temperature monitoring.  We have also introduced a new line of products to service the agriculture industry.  Our company continues to support expanded operations and the additional space of our new office will help us keep up with our increasing customer demand.”

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